There’s Something About Rachel…

Tonight I dream of pretty frocks and two tone saddle shoes… Rachel Antonoff’s designs are impeccable, her imagination is fresh and her narrative is never lost. Her Spring 2011 presentation laden with exaggerated peter pan collared dresses, washed gingham fabrics and a pair of scalloped pocket lipstick red short-shorts, brought me back to a dreamlike state somewhere between fairies and soda fountains, frocks and forts. It was just the right mix of campy and cool:... Read More

Printed Pants

Printed pants leave some women looking like they left the house still wearing their pajamas bottoms-or worse-that they have a fondness for MC Hammer’s clownish style! But neutral colored prints combined with a perfect fit = a style as cute as they are comfortable.  Topshop “Ikat Print Jersey Hareems”, $55, available at  Read More

Rock On

It seems as though stone rings may have gotten an undeserved bad rap. Once considered the ugly step-sisters to gemstones (can you imagine going head to head with a sapphire? Talk about a complex!), the mood rings of yesteryear often adorned the patchouli-tinged fingers of flower children and kooky art teachers everywhere. But the truth is, agate stones were once considered the crème de la crème of the the quartz world. Highly valued as a talisman or amulet in ancient times,... Read More

Nostalgia: Esprit

Yeah, I know I probably shouldn’t be dating myself in our age-ist modern world, but I need to set the scene. Picture this: It’s 1988.  I’m fat.  I’m 10.  I’m permed.  My mom has forced me to start wearing – argh!- a training bra! Yes, all the right credentials to be considered a total dork in my snobby New England town. However, I did have one measure of comfort protecting me from the cruel world that is 4th grade: My mom started letting me shop at Esprit.... Read More

JNBY & BryanBoy

BryanBoy shops JNBY from samara dauria on Vimeo. JNBY (aka Just Naturally Be Yourself), the contemporary design-driven brand based out of China, recently launched a unique viral marketing campaign to promote itself throughout the U.S: They handpicked the top fashion industries tastemakers and gave them the chance to provide the public an insiders view into what’s hot for fall! The viral video campaign launched last week with the help of ShopBop and their fashion director... Read More

Erin Fetherston Launches E-Commerce Site…Blunt Bangs Rejoice!

I often like to think that Erin Fetherston and I have a lot in common.  I mean the similarities are mind boggling: I competed against her high school in tennis (sadly, I lost), we both attended UC schools simultaneously (although her university, Cal Berkeley, was way more competitive), we both studied at Parsons School of Design (granted-she attended the fancy Parisian–oh la la–campus) and we both have a fondness for the sushi at Greenwich Grill (however she is way... Read More

Sweater Steal

I’m a total horse country, Ralph Lauren ad wannabe, it’s true.  It’s just that I don’t always (make that never) have the horse country, Ralph Lauren budget.  Have you seen the going rate of a pony these days?  Whoa.  Oh, and I did I mention that I live in Brooklyn?  Ha!  No horses here! (Unless you count the mechanical one in front of Walgreens that cost $.25 for a spin?) Economics aside, sometimes I want to feel a little bit country in the city.  A democratic... Read More

Pass or Fail? Jada Pinkett Smith in Milan

Jada, Jada, Jada. Yes, you are rich.  Yes, you are famous.  Yes, you are one smoking-hot, hard-bodied MILF. But, umm, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea for your 39-year-old sassy self to be bopping around town like a video vixen on duty.  I am sorry to inform you that 4 out of 4 Pleat staffers think this look has you barreling straight into FAIL territory. I personally see where you’re going with this.  I mean the 70’s are back and you seem to have a little... Read More

Leather Evolution

Originally considered the go-to garb for biker gangs, punk rockers and similar misfits, today’s leather is practically as user-friendly as cotton. Although leather motorcycle jackets are a familiar sight each fall, this season’s leather takes an unexpected turn as designers experiment with different styles and techniques as Diane von Furstenberg did with this romantic, cut-out empire dress. From cuff bracelets to quilted vests, perforations to pleats, luxe lamb to phony faux-leather... Read More

Z Spoke Launches Fall Handbag Line!

Zac Posen’s ability to bridge downtown chic with uptown sophistication already earned him a reputation as America’s Fashion Darling. And judging by his new Z Spoke handbag collaboration with Mondani, it’s a title he doesn’t plan on giving up anytime soon. The collection includes timeless silhouettes like top handle bags made from supple Italian leathers and featuring ladylike scarf-tied details. Fall’s color palette is wearable-ly neutral with a pop of purple... Read More