There’s Something About Rachel…

Tonight I dream of pretty frocks and two tone saddle shoes…

Rachel Antonoff’s designs are impeccable, her imagination is fresh and her narrative is never lost. Her Spring 2011 presentation laden with exaggerated peter pan collared dresses, washed gingham fabrics and a pair of scalloped pocket lipstick red short-shorts, brought me back to a dreamlike state somewhere between fairies and soda fountains, frocks and forts. It was just the right mix of campy and cool: a Never Neverland stitched together to stop time for an hour.

My mind stirred with visions of dress-up clothes: my mothers pink boa, her long silk nighties and those deep ruby YSL shoes that I swore one day I would fit my feet into. I recalled slumber parties, old Betty and Veronica magazines strewn across the floor, a belly full of sweets and being drunk with a tailspin of laughter.
Her confections kept my eyes wide open in want of that childlike abandon. I wanted to relive my first crush and feel that chaos of butterflies in my stomach.

And from this dream, I awoke lusting after a pair of shoes like the ones that adorned her models.
Luckily, it won’t be long before I can get my hands on my very own pair thanks to the creative minds of Rachel Antonoff and Anita Da Silva, Bass footwear’s womens designer!

Rachel Antonoff (right) with blogger Tavi Gevinson
(Even Tavi couldn’t resist Rachel’s charmed play-land!)

Rachel Antonoff and Anita Da Silva have worked together to create a line of shoes that pay homage to 50’s-style footwear, while simultaneously embracing the contemporary young woman who scours vintage stores in search of collectibles to sprinkle into her wardrobe. I say hats off to Rachel and Bass for inspiring us all, and in the words of Tinkerbell, let us remind ourselves that:
Laughter is timeless –
Imagination has no age –
And dreams are forever—


Images Courtesy of Daniel Silbert

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5 Responses to “There’s Something About Rachel…”
  1. Shawna says:

    Obsessed with the white, deep V dress. Magical!

  2. Styled&tipsy says:

    LOOOOVE the red patent saddles… With ribbon laces!? Are you freakin kiddin me! So adorable, I need them!

  3. ahhh the shoes. im loving rachel antonoff’s stuff right now.

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