Club Monaco Blog Launch

Club Monaco recently launched a blog to give their fans and company insiders a platform to let their inspirations flow. The site, “The Culture Club,” is an homage to CM’s love of photography. It will feature exclusive content from a range of contributors from artists and foodies to bloggers and actors. An open canvas, the site will act like an archive of visual experiences and idea fodder from globe-traveling employees & taste-makers. Whether a local New York... Read More

Obsessed: Aoi Kotsuhiroi Ring

Long black feathers and smooth dark beaks. Midnight black crows cover every surface and all is quiet. Quiet and dark. No, not Hitchcock. Marc Jacobs’s store in NYC’s West Village. This year’s Halloween window display featured a blanket of the sinister birds covering the entire front of the store. A few even strayed covetously outside the window box and into the shopping area. The store created a miniature world that combined a beauty and a darkness that sent... Read More

Nostalgia: SAK It Up

The iconic “Sak Lady” ad. In the mid 90’s, “The Sak” could be found slung across the shoulder of every cool chick in NorCal. Now, I don’t know if it was strictly a West Coast thing. Could be. Because my fellow East Coast and Canadian PLEATers think I am making this up. I attended a Catholic high school where uniforms were the norm. So I had to come up with crazy ways to showcase my inner fashionista and avoid the dean’s office. Colorful ribbed Gap... Read More

Pass or Fail? Hilary Swank

“Argh! It burns, it burns!” If we had fangs, alabaster skin, a penchant for capes, bats and funny accents, we’d totally get Hilary Swank’s wardrobe choice. That dress would set any creature of darkness aflame with its ability to reflect sunlight. No shadow would hide us from that righteous light. But we aren’t. And that’s a red carpet event, not Transylvania or the Louisiana bayou. So we feel a little bit like breaking into song with a nod to Manfred... Read More

Obsessed: Emmanuelle Khanh Vintage Sunglasses

Okay, so I have a box-shaped face that keeps growing sideways with age. Think of the Kool Aid man or the late Ted Kennedy. Because of this, sunglasses are a hard fit. But when I saw a tortoise shell, makes-box-head-happy pair in the window of my favorite vintage shop, Malin Landeaus, I marched right in. Ohhhh, were they perfect!! And I mean all-caps-worthy PERFECT. They were wide enough for my face, making it look almost like a slender oval. When I asked Malin the price of... Read More

The Golden Touch

After numerous seasons of clunky, artsy, statement-jewelry, sleek and sculptural pieces have come to relieve our eyes. To say nothing of our necks, earlobes and wrists. While the “made-it-with-my-glue-gun” look isn’t quite behind us, its equally bold, yet more streamlined counterparts are here anyway. They make perfect companion pieces to the pared-down, minimalist look that has been dominating the runways and streets. These pieces’ value is that they’re... Read More

Obsessed: Rocket Dog Clogs

“Alright you little freshmen b**ches…” Anybody remember that line? It’s Parker Posey’s as Darla Marks in Dazed and Confused, a cult-favorite film about the last day of high school for several seniors in 1976. While previewing the upcoming spring line from Rocket Dog, I found myself obsessing over these “Carmela” canvas platforms. The over-the-top, postcard-print sole made my mind wander to a scene where hazing queen Darla is bullhorn-yelling at a bunch of... Read More

Suede Love

Here at ThePLEAT, we sometimes indulge in the “If I Won the Lotto” game, you know, “If I won the lotto, I would buy a red Ferrari and donate the rest to world hunger charities.” One PLEAT staffer swears that this skirt would be the first dent in her imaginary winnings. Can you blame her? This was definitely one of the standout pieces in Reed Krakoff’s first collection, which was already to die for. If you play the “If I Won the Lotto” game, or better yet, if you... Read More

UK Shoe Designer Kat Maconie’s U.S. Debut

We PLEATers go gaga for new designers who cross the pond (we can’t even a fathom life before Topshop and AllSaints arrived stateside). So join us in raising a cuppa in honor of shoe designer Kat Maconie, whose architectural, yet extremely wearable designs just made their U.S. debut. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this lovely import, Kat launched her UK footwear label in July of 2009. Her collection is currently stocked by upscale boutiques like Harvey Nichols... Read More

Fashion Zen’s Top 5 Fall Picks

She’s young, thin, gorgeous and Dutch (always a plus in ThePLEAT’s book) but above all, ridiculously stylish. You want to hate her, or better yet be her. Just forget it. Both are impossible. Meet Iris Gravemaker, blogger of cult favorite, Fashion Zen. Unlike other style bloggers, this 27-year-old fashion student focuses not only on inspiration and runway reporting, but also showcases her own personal style throughout the week. We were so impressed with Iris’ playfully sophisticate... Read More