I Dream of Genie (Pants)

If a diagnostic tool such as a Fashion Difficulty Scale (FDS) existed, these sequined harems would probably rate around a 7.5.  We’re talking 1 being something like a black cashmere v-neck (where’s the EASY button from Staples when you need it?) and 10 being comparable to a Comme des Garçons bump dress (even professionals don’t try this at home!). There’s a lot to contend with here, it’s true- drop crotch, sequins, living up to the legacy of MC Hammer- but this, dear reader, is the beauty of DEALICIOUS.  We at ThePLEAT are here to support your shopping endeavors and to (gently) push you outside your fashion comfort zone. These surprisingly wearable pants are $41*-not a terrible sum to pay for injecting a little fun into your wardrobe (not to mention a cute alternative to a sequined mini!).  And who knows? You might even discover that your own personal FDS has a much wider range than you originally thought.

Lulu’s “Party In The Front” pant, $41.00, Lulus.com.

*Exclusive! PLEAT readers get 15% off at Lulus.com!  See ad on home page.

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