Perfectly Polished

Dressing for the changing seasons can be difficult. When it’s not quite cold enough for a parka, but a heavy cardigan simply won’t do, a classic tailored duster jacket is the perfect compromise. More professional and chic than a leather jacket, a navy version is the perfect pick since it’s less expected than black, but neutral nonetheless. A matching silk blouse plus pleated tan trousers refine the look, while grey, pointy, suede booties lend a slightly 80’s vibe. Add... Read More

Barton Perreira Eyewear

Barton Perreira is a luxe, handcrafted eyewear company that started just three years ago. Patty Perreira and Bill Barton made it their mission to create a line of sunglasses and reading frames that redefine luxury by blending revolutionary technology and craftsmanship within exquisite design. Barton Perreira’s are handmade in small quantities. Because these are untouched by machinery, or mass-production, a pair of Barton Perreira frames are as distinct as the person wearing... Read More

Pass or Fail? Rihanna

O.M.G. For once we PLEATers are tongue-tied. Really, we barely know what to say. Usually we can come up with something positive to say about an atrocious outfit. Like “at least she’s taking a risk”. Or “at least her complexion matches the sallow tone of her dress”. Or “at least her bulimia is paying off since her ribs look sufficiently bony in that deep v.” At least SOMETHING. Here? No such luck. Rihanna looks as though cotton candy, Bjork’s swan dress, the underlining... Read More


The ‘rents. They’re the people who push your buttons because they installed them, who knew you when you were chubby, had bad hair, braces and zits. (2009 was a rough year, right?) So why is it so hard to shop for the people who know you best? We’re here to intervene with any over-thinking, and came up with some options sure to please all sorts of parents. For the earthy mom, we love the Crate and Barrel green glass dessert plate or Michael Aram twiggy candlesticks.... Read More

SANG A: The Natural Progression

Sang A’s beginnings are steeped in a brew of performance. By 26 she’d become a celebrity in her native South Korea, and meanwhile, her passion drew her to designing. Behind the scenes of her own music videos and photo shoots, she’d often style them herself beginning to establish herself as a style-setter within the boundaries of her home and beyond. Trips to Europe and New York City, that sense of style would transform into a brand, an Education from Parsons... Read More

Black Friday (The Semi-Selfish Version)

Welcome today, the now infamous Black Friday.  A day that’s almost grown to be a holiday in its own right.  A day when shoppers are up at 3 AM, and have caused life-threatening stampedes by 5AM. All in the name of deep discounts and door busters galore. We know this day of frenzied consumption is supposed to be about shopping for other people, but with so many irresistible deals out there, why not pick up a little something for yourself? If you are of a more selfless... Read More

Saucy Glossie’s Lindsey Calla Guest Blogs!

Lindsey Calla is one cool chick. Make that a ridiculously cool chick. The syper-stylish, uber-adorable fashion blogger started her editorial career working on features shoots for Cosmopolitan Magazine, which ultimately led her to the coveted Fashion Assistant position at the magazine. There, Lindsey had the opportunity to be featured in a 3 page spread where she modeled and styled herself to showcase great style on a budget. This was where the urge for sharing her personal style... Read More

Lace in Point

Believe it or not, pulling off a lace look can be tricky. Wear white and you risk being mistaken for a bride (images of Miss Havisham from Great Expectations come to mind), a little girl about to receive her first communion, or worse, a doily. Wear color and you risk being mistaken as a floozy, a floozy, or worse, a floozy. The key is to stay away from all white or pastel looks, wear fitted (not tight) pieces, and mix in some edgier pieces to counteract the uber-feminine fabric. Take... Read More

Take A Bow

Louis Vuitton set the stage for the debutante-lady’s return with calf grazing skirts, prim finished framed bags and the much-lusted-after pointy-toed, bow pump. Not everyone can pull off the longer skirt length, nor the perfectly primped look of a sweater set with pearls that’s somewhere between 16 candles and Audrey Hepburn. But we are pretty sure that no one can resist a pretty bow on the toe. It shows a sense of style and a sense of humor. This Holiday choose a... Read More


The concept of “no white after Labor Day” is just about as modern as a rotary phone. These days, white abounds as a versatile color choice for all seasons, not just ones punctuated with tanning and umbrella drinks! But this year’s bumper crop of choices aren’t all wintery-white, snow-bunny cuteness, though that’s out there, too. Check out the fuzzy alpaca jacket from 3.1 Phillip Lim and the fun-fur hat from the Gap. Covet the luxurious, simple, soigne white that screams... Read More