They’re b-aaaaaack!

And thank goodness!  Sometimes these designer collaboration one-offs are so good, it’s depressing to think there won’t be any more. Which is why we’re grateful to find out that Levi’s and Pendleton have mated once again to bring us more amazing denim and American-West print hybrids.


Levis Workwear by Pendleton has returned for round 3, with a 7 piece capsule collection.  ThePLEAT’s hands-down favorite item is the “Trucker” jacket, both men and women versions.  Both trucker jackets are the perfect, classic Levi’s jean jacket, with a cozy wool Pendleton jacquard vest (for the guys), or a wrap (for the gals), that can be detached and worn alone. (We love a two-fer!)

There’s also the blanket-yoke denim jacket for men, and a limited edition wool blanket, great for holiday gift-giving.

To browse (and buy!) the entire collaboration, go to or
These items might actually trump apple pie for Most American title!

Top to Bottom: Women’s “Trucker” with wrap lining, $238, Men’s “Western Trucker” jacket, $138, and Jacquard blanket, $198.00

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