MOD: Jacquelyn Jablonski

New Jersey is one of those states that gets ragged on a lot, but why? The Garden State has given us a lot of wonderful things: Bruce Springsteen, our art director, Tiffanie, and today’s Model Off Duty, Jacquelyn Jablonski. If the descriptive words “classic” and “ladylike” tend to leave you nodding out, this MOD’s spin on things will certainly revive you from your unconscious state. The timeless red manicure gets a playful kick when it’s wavering on orange. Wayfarers... Read More

Fendi Shoes, Spring 2011

I play this game with a friend of mine called “If You Could Only Wear One Designer” (Not like we could actually afford to buy out a whole collection of anything in the first place, but whatever.) Right now I will absolutely say with no hesitation that this designer is Fendi. If I had the means to buy the entire Spring ‘11 collection, I swear I would never partake in the “I have nothing to wear” debacle, or at least not until July, when Fall ‘11 starts to trickle into... Read More

Alice + Olivia

Have you ever searched for that perfect item–be it the perfect pair of jeans, the perfect white tee, the perfect ballet flat–and coming up exhausted and empty-handed think, “God, I should just create it myself!” But an hour later you find yourself sputtering madly like a Looney Toon at Barney’s Co-op Denim Bar, where you inevitably give in and buy the jeans that make your ass look too flat and your ankles too thick. Well thank god Stacey Bendet, founder of Alice... Read More

Who Says Bigger is Better?

Small bags may be pint-sized, but they still pack a punch! No need to carry around a boring black clutch, the small bags of today come in cool shapes, punchy colors and creative textures. And who says small equals evening? The quilted aqua darling below would look just as great paired with cutoff shorts on a shopping trip as it would paired with a LBD on a hot dinner date. On the flip side, we PLEATers love to carry around a fancy schmancy clutch with a pair of slouchy bf jeans... Read More

Blogger Style:Trop Rouge

Of late, bloggers have been at the CENTER of our fashion interest. They are taking over the style world with their indiscriminate enthusiasm for melding high fashion and street. We were recently introduced to Christina Caradona, of Trop Rouge by our good friend and PR expert Stephanie Paine. This New York native moved to Biarritz, France at the age of 9 and lived there until age 18. By 15 she was modeling, followed shortly by acting. You may have spotted her in campaigns for... Read More

Cuddly Cozy Jumpers

If you’re anywhere near the blizzard that has engulfed Manhattan and the rest of the northeast, than these cozy jumpers will be your best bet for survival. And if for no other reason than to embrace a distended stomach due to the holiday binge, then these extra layers will be the perfect disguise! Regardless of function, take a quick peak at our shawled, bobbled and caped sweaters. Trust us, we all could use at least one (or two) more this chilly season. 1. Topshop “Handknit... Read More

Designer Spotlight: Kub Jewelry

Since its summer 2009 debut, we’ve been admiring the steady growth of the Kub Jewelry line, designed by prop stylist Katie Mayer. After talking to Katie, we were almost surprised she didn’t start her jewelry line in the womb. By now, she’s been working in the design field for almost two-thirds of her life. At the young age of 12, while most of us were being hazed at summer camp or doodling hearts in our Trapper-Keepers, Katie was already putting together a... Read More

Pass or Fail? Jessica Alba

Admittedly we PLEATers can be kind of tough sometimes, even though we passed Mrs. Gavin Rossdale (albeit, barely) last week. Most likely, if you were to walk past Jessica Alba in this outfit on the street tomorrow, you wouldn’t turn around and whisper to your friend “Oh my gawd, isn’t that the most horrendous outfit you’ve ever seen in your life? Like ever?!” You probably wouldn’t even notice. But the truth is, although this outfit isn’t... Read More

The Weather Outside is Frightful, but these Accessories are so Delightful

Just because the weather’s cold, doesn’t mean you can’t look hot! Nowadays beanies, mittens and chunky scarves aren’t the only cold-weather options. Accessories with unusual textures, luxurious materials and playful patterns turn everyday outfits into stylish looks worth fighting the elements for. With options like these, you’ll pray for a long winter. Ok, maybe not. Perhaps a brisk spring? 1. Forever 21 chunky knit beanie, $6.80, 2.... Read More

Nostalgia: 1990′s Harper’s Bazaar

I was a latchkey kid and still years away from getting my driver’s license when I secretly determined that my future career would be fashion editor. This decision happened due to three influences, one of them being the awesomeness of Harper’s Bazaar in the 1990’s. (The other two involved an MTV show some of you youngsters would have to Google, and secondly  thinking that fashion editing would be less laborious and scary than fashion design. Talk about naive.) The... Read More