E-tailer We Love: Pretty Pennies (exclusive discount for Pleaters!)


If you’ve been following our blogazine then you already know that it’s our mission to let you know about any new e-tailers of note. Keep those coin purses fat and handy, ladies, PrettyPennies.com is going to make you want to spend, spend, spend.

Kelsey Stengel, Head buyer for the women’s dept of shopping site MLTD.com, grew tired of the obvious emphasis on the men’s market and wanted to devote her time to a strictly women’s site. Stengel put up a “no boy’s allowed” sign and surrounded herself and potential customers with all the glitter and fun that we girls need. “Show the pretties” for “pennies,” if you will.

Stengel, after some persuasion, founded PrettyPennies.com, with a selection of brands like Motel, Obey, Wildfox and Cheap Mondays, that exude style but won’t break the bank!

She shares a vision that we at thePLEAT herald: fashion that is fun but doesn’t alienate those on a budget. At the end of the day, we all have rent to pay. And let’s be honest, without a roof over our heads, where would we house a closet full of precious goodies?

So save some of those pretty pennies, find some great buys and use our special discount code “thepleat20″ for another 20% off.

Thanks Kelsey, there is no place like home, especially when your closet’s and coffers are full.


1. Wildfox “Skeleton” hoodie, $108, PrettyPennies.com 2. Motel “Husky” faux leopard coat, $136, PrettyPennies.com 3. Cheap Monday “Net Tight” jeans, $54, PrettyPennies.com 4. Creative Recreation “Viana” wedge bootie, $200, PrettyPennies.com

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