Kate Bosworth

She dazzled us in Blue Crush, was in that one movie about the Charles Manson murders (Wonder something), dated Orlando Bloom, is now dating that smoking hot Vampire dude with the tricky surname, and, umm, did some other stuff. Lets be honest, the pint sized beauty would be just another actress named Kate in a sea of other young mid-talent Kates (Hudson, Beckinsale, Holmes, etc.) if it werent for her flair for fashion. And although we’ve all seen her sitting front row... Read More

LuLu Frost

We Pleaters love to spend our days off trekking through flea markets, vintage shops and random outdoor sales to find that one of a kind gem. Jewelry conoisseur and designer Lisa Salzer, is the creative mind behind Lulu Frost. She launched the line while finishing her last year of college back in 2004. An avid antique jewelry collector, she decided to take the pieces and rework them with modern elements to create her own masterpieces. Lisa was lucky enough to stumble upon the... Read More

Jessica Simpson Dany Shoes

In early Fall, I was invited to attend a preview for Jessica Simpson’s new denim collection. Of course the main draw was to see how the former Miss Nick Lachey/John Mayer/Tony Romo/the new dude who used to play football acted (and looked!) up close. Would she offer new brain-cringing Jessica-isms? Would the caterers serve buffalo wings (chicken) or Chicken of the Sea (not chicken)? Actually, they served delicious mini everything, including mini burgers (like the slider... Read More

Pump Up The Volume!

Volume can be a tricky thing to try to pull off if you don’t have the frame of a slim twig. Dressing for your frame requires knowing how to balance proportions. We love the above idea of a blanket or sweater coat, but we suggest that your under layers remain slim and body-hugging to keep from swallowing you up. Remember Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday? Try taking pointers from her beatnik-chic look, the black skinny pant, turtleneck, and ballet flat paired with any oversized... Read More

Party On!

Cocktail parties, company dinners, holiday get-togethers…New Years Eve! Why is it that there are more party-dress attire events between Thanksgiving and NYE, then there are the remaining eleven months of the year combined? Well, thanks to ThePLEAT, getting gala-glamarous is easier than deciding on a last minute X-mas gift for dad. (Hmm..golf balls and a tie again?) The key to perfect party dressing as opposed to regular ole’ cocktail dressing is to forgo the LBD and... Read More

Pass or Fail? Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani* has channeled a lot of things in her career. Jean Harlow, Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface, bindi-wearing Indian princess. Sure, she’s pulled those references off pretty well, but uh, WTF is being channeled here?  Just because its by a fancy-fab Italian designer doesn’t mean it actually looks good (on her). Someone on The Pleat staff said she remembered having an outfit just like this one when she was young. For her Barbie doll. So, if that’s what the goal... Read More

AllSaints’ Meatpacking Store Launch Party!

Last night we snuck away from our tight edit schedule to celebrate the Holiday season and the opening of the AllSaints Meatpacking store. The AllSaints team took over the raw 13th street space and converted it into an industrial style evolution of cool; a time warp of modern raw architecture meets steam-punk style. The crowd was a mix of mod beatnik chic types, along with sexy girls in sequin and beaded mini dresses, chunky knits layered over dark denim, and suffragette lace... Read More

Guest Editors: Danielle and Jodie Snyder of DANNIJO!

If you’re the type of gal who’s used to wearing only a delicate thin chain, a tiny sliver of silver, or a simple gold ring, then stepping out into the world of big bold jewelery can be a bit freaky. You might wonder when too much is too much, or how subtle your clothes should be when the jewelry you’re wearing is a statement in itself. One of our fav jewelry designers, Danielle and Jodie Snyder of DANNIJO, definitely don’t shy away from all that is... Read More

Win It!!! (Because We Love You!)

Drum roll please. . . Readers, we want to show you how much we appreciate your support this past year.  So, our friends at Hanky Panky and Sir Alistair Rai have hooked us up with 2 beautiful gift baskets, for you to win right here at ThePLEAT.  Each include pretty (and comfy!) underthings from Hanky Panky, a Sir Alistair Rai scarf, and assorted beauty goodies we hand picked ourselves! To enter, all you have to do is friend “ThePLEAT” company group on Facebook, and... Read More

Obsessed: Muks Wedge Boot

If you have ever lived anywhere cold then you would appreciate my obsession today. I may have a penchant for slightly hippie accessories but to be fair these puppies keep your feet toasty without looking like one of those starlets in her Fuggs* running around Hollywood in 70 degree weather. Muks, or as my mom used to call them, Mukluks were originally worn while hunting in the snow by the Canadian Aboriginals. But in our house we wore them as slippers to keep our little toesies... Read More