Teen Spirit

“There’s something about Sunday night that really makes you wanna kill yourself. Especially if you’ve just been totally made a fool of – by the only person you’ll ever love, and you have a geometry midterm.” -Angela Chase, My So-Called Life Ladies, we are glad we don’t have any geometry midterms to reckon with, but we can appreciate Angela Chase’s hatred of Sunday nights and her 90’s grunge style that seems to have resurfaced thanks to designers... Read More

NOSTALGIA: Baja Poncho

Feels like only yesterday that I was wearing one of these ponchos while playing hacky-sack and smoking “funny cigarettes” in my high school courtyard. Ah, those were the days. Cutting class and redefining existence while listening to CCR and Bob. But nothing says Baja poncho better than Jeff Spicoli (aka a young Sean Penn) in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The incessantly wasted surf bum, complete with poncho, can’t think of anything better in life than “some tasty... Read More

Designer Spotlight: Romy Gold

Lisa Goldstein and Romy Jagid shared a love of fashion, were avid shoppers, and were weary of the high-end, expensive luxury market, so when they found a hole in the accessories market, they were eager to fill it. The two close friends joined forces in 2009 to create Romygold, a bag line that was trend forward, without the designer price-tag. Affordable luxury if you will! Their designs have become a favorite among editors, stylists and IT girls like the Kardashians,... Read More

The Most Expensive Clothes Money Can Buy

Here at The Pleat, we’ve been collectively suffering from that common malady, Wardrobe Fatigue Syndrome. You know, like when you’ve reached mid-season and you feel like you having nothing to wear. And that literally is the problem because you’ve hit the extreme part of the season when it’s ridiculously cold/hot and you can only wear like, ¼ of your closet. Luckily we got to viewing the haute couture season in Paris (via our computer monitors that is), which is always... Read More

E-tailer We Love: Pixie Market

Ny’ers are blessed with every type of fashion imaginable at every price point under the sun. Case in point: Within a three block radius of our Soho headquarters there is a vintage surplus store, a dozen shops selling “5 for $10″ t-shirts, a Bloomingdales, an Old Navy (plus every other chain store imaginable), a Prada (plus every other high-end designer imaginable), and boutiques galore. We can’t even explain how many “vendors” are fighting... Read More

Dealicious Blowout: Under $100 Edition

We decided to bring you this Dealicious special simply because a. we love cool and stylish pieces and b. we love affordable pieces even more. So enjoy the best of both worlds without breaking a benjamin, baby. And no, we aren’t advocating flimsy dresses that will fall apart after one wash or cheap plastic shoes that will make your feet reek. How about a structured lady-like bag to rival the ones seen on the Fall runway on sale for less than $50, or a luxuriously rich looking... Read More

Fur-ever Chic

When people hear “fur vest” two images often come to mind: a caveman or Rachel Zoe (Either image is less than appealing in our book but that’s another story.) Never in our wildest dreams could we imagine such a cute take on a rather primitive piece. But check out this golden-haired style maven’s Dance’s With Wolves inspired look. The muted colors and seamless flow of materials work in a non-costumey way, and the feminine floral skirt balances the more masculine skin.... Read More

Obsessed: Shoe Wish List

I am in spring-clean mode these days. It’s early I know, but it’s ridiculously cold outside and I’m a bit housebound. So I decided to pack up all the soles I’m not getting enough wear out of, in preparation for an eBay selling spree. Next I decided to pack up the ones I’ve been getting too much wear out of and as a result, are now ruined from pounding the NYC pavement. Next step, rebuild the now gaping hole in my closet. What I’m looking for is a well-rounded group... Read More

Pass or Fail? Emily Blunt

To be honest, our knowledge of Emily Blunt is a tad limited. We know that she was in The Devil Wears Prada (duh), we know that she married that cute guy from The Office whose surname we can’t spell without googling, and we know that she’s English. We think that her style is pretty decent, mainly because we don’t recollect a major embarrassing red carpet moment, although on the flip side, we don’t recollect a “knocked it out of the park” moment... Read More

Never-Fail Classics

There are some things some of us can’t live without. Our Fashion Director Desiree, for instance, always has a section of her closet devoted to anything sparkly or shiny. Our other Fashion Director, Samara, has a stash of body-con dresses that always get a ton of play. While such pieces may be be classics for some, there are certain items that will always be classics for everyone. The trench is a tireless example of a 3-season coat that never loses its power of polish. A great,... Read More