Tried & Tested: NuBra


My gorgeous sister is getting married in Mexico in a few months, and it turns out that supporting the bosoms in a discreet, yet aesthetically pleasing way, is a big deal when it comes to the big day. Since I am one of those tacky creatures who always has black bra straps showing–specifically, Calvin Klein’s “Perfectly Fit” lace push-up bra (in case you were wondering)–this whole concept is rather new to me.

For the past three months, my sister has been wearing the NuBra in every type of challenging situation, as though she is training for a major race. Clubs and humid environments (including the very spot she will walk down the aisle, er, sand in) are the true test, and so far, the NuBra has passed with flying colors (there is nothing worse than the possibility of some moldable silicon-looking thing, slipping off in the middle of the father/daughter dance).

She loved it so much that I decided to give it a whirl, especially since I’ve recently been feeling the need to “class it up” a bit. Since I loathe strapless bras which offer little support and leave weird marks after digging into my body, I figured that the NuBra could be a true savior. However, my need to be comfortable always triumphs my need to look fashionable (except when it comes to high heels, which are always worth the pain).

The first application was not as terrifying as I imagined. The most important thing to remember is to AVOID slathering on lotion prior to application, and that your ta-tas must be clean and body oil free (gross) or the cups won’t adhere. Pressing down takes just a few seconds (although I gripped this bad boy a good fifteen seconds longer just to make sure it wasn’t going anywhere).

And I felt….FREE!!! The fact that the NuBra is free from straps or side extensions (unlike similar products on the market), and that the cups are comprised of silicone (like half the breasts of SoCal women anyway), meant that I felt comfortable and natural, as if I was wearing nothing!

Fast forward into the night, and after a few hours drinking and dancing, the NuBra didn’t budge. Plus my bosom remained naturally full and perfectly lifted. In fact, the only negative thing I can imagine about this product is that it might look a bit odd if you happen to “get lucky” (I didn’t).

So after trying and testing the NuBra, do I think it’s worth it? Lets just say I definitely give it Two Boobs Up! Literally.

- Desiree Marr

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One Response to “Tried & Tested: NuBra”
  1. Annie says:


    Im going to my prom in a few weeks and am going to be wearing a backless dress and was looking into the NuBra. I am just afraid that with tons of dancing it won’t stay on the whole night and I am so scared for that! Does this thing really stay on for dancing and a very long night?!


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