Tried & Tested: Strapless Underwear?

Tried&Tested_ShibueUndiesI’ll try anything once. Bridge jumping, eating freeze dried ants, swimming in the ocean during a New York winter – sure!  So when a friend of mine told me about strapless underwear, I said I would try it.  Your know, for the sake of FASHION.

How could underwear not have straps? I really couldn’t get around this concept until the real deal came in the mail from Shibue Couture, the maker of these puzzling panties.

What I got was a stretchy thong made of super smooth, elastane material, no sides, just two silicone adhesive strips you place above your public bone in the front, and your coccyx bone in the back.  It felt weird to be putting on my skivvies this way, but what the hell.

Next, I put on my tightest skinny jeans, and felt surprisingly free. No panty bunch, whoppee! I walked all over town that day to appointments, grabbed dinner with friends, and then finally came home. The wacky strapless undies were still hanging on strong.

The package claims you can get up to 20 wears if you take care of your stick on thong properly, so I put ‘em on again the next day. (Yes, I washed them!). Things didn’t seem as sticky and secure as day one, and I had to do some repressing while I got dressed.  I wore them all day again, and then – ultimate challenge! – I wore them for a 40 minute run. By the time I got home, the silicon stickies were wilting even more, but still had some grip.

Day three – well, er, there was no day three.  The panties didn’t seem like they would stick another day after more hand-washing, and frankly, I am conventional soul deep down inside. I wanted to return to my boring old briefs.

To be fair, I will admit that sometime during this test, I did have a good time sticking this thing to walls, doors, while giggling about it with my friends. That may taken a few wears off it’s sticky quotient. But still, at $18.00 a pop, and also having to peel and elastane strip out from between my legs to pee, um, I would say this thing is great for a super tight look, but I’m not so sure I would go this route on a everyday basis.

PS- Do you think Gwyneth was wearing this thing here?

Shibue Couture strapless panty, $18.00,

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