Obsessed: Alice + Olivia Jeanie Leather Bustier Buckle Dress


Like half the universe, I really enjoyed Black Swan, aka what my brother Dylan calls “the chick flick that really isn’t a chick flick where two girls hook-up”. Nostalgia is partly to blame–my mother enrolled me in ballet at age three to rid me of my “shyness” (must have worked since I infamously talk to ANYONE). Although my ballet career was short-lived (turns out I am also infamously clumsy), I still covet the wispy skirts, scoop neck leotards (pre-American Apparel hipster trash) and soft wraps a true ballerina sports.

Unfortunately my style isn’t what one would describe as soft, romantic or feminine, in which case this Alice + Olivia “Jeanie” dress is the perfect compromise. Ethereal silk and chiffon on the bottom contradicted by a double buckle leather bustier top, equals the perfect blend of white and black swan. I imagine slipping into this dress and magically possessing a dancer’s grace, posture and quiet elegance. Perhaps I will even be mistaken as one. (But for real this time…unlike last month when a 65-year old man on the train asked if I was a “dancer”. And I don’t think he meant of the classically trained variety.)

Alice + Olivia “Jeanie” dress, $484, aliceandolivia.com

- Desiree Marr

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