Leather Ease

This street look inspired us to resurrect the pleated leather pant, make them into high waters and add some finishing touches. To make this outfit look less hard core, add some Southwest-inspired turquoise jewelry and a bolo tie. Soften the look even further with the use of nude and rose colored shoes and bags. Oh and did we mention a loose soft tee? This is the perfect un-sculpted look that won’t make you sweat, but will have others sweating you! 1. Helmut Lang “Cracked... Read More

E-tailer We Love: Sole Society

Can’t afford a personal stylist?  Well…join the club. The Sole Society Club that is. This exclusive shoe membership website offers members a monthly personalized selection of stylish, high-quality shoes. Here’s how it works: First-time site visitors take a short, fun style quiz using celebrity, runway and fashion images to determine their “Style Bio.” Sole Society then uses this Style Bio to recommend a monthly selection of shoes for each member, based... Read More

Pleat Insider: Q&A with PR Specialist Megan Maguire Steele

(Above) Megan and Alan from Timo Weiland at her Soho Office. Megan Maguire Steele is the genius behind the boutique pr firm, Maguire Steele. She reps up and comers like Timo Weiland, Billy Reid and JNBY. With a major in fine arts, Megan has a keen eye for detail and style and has managed to parlay that into the world of publicity. She takes breaks from her busy schedule to walk her dogs, Betty Midnight and Chief Lightning. What is your favorite “deal-icious” (steal) purchase... Read More

Designer Spotlight: Nahm

This past NY Fashion Week, while attending a preview at Milk Studios, one of us Pleaters stumbled upon a gem. NAHM, the new fashion label created by Nary Manivong and Ally Hilfiger, is a crisp take on downtown dressing that will have all the indie It girls rushing for the registers. Ally and Nary met back in 2008 at a dinner party. Their friendship soon turned into a work relationship with Ally styling Nary’s self-titled fashion line.   This fall you can look for their... Read More

Blogger Style: Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere

As most of you already know, The Pleat tries to make a habit of highlighting fashion bloggers with impeccable style. This week we bring you Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere. Emily is a  26-year-old Beverly Hills native with a penchant for dressing up and filling her belly with tasty treats. We heard she is also putting a book together…Emily can you elaborate? Schuman calls her style “girly prep meets bohemian chic” and crushes on Kate Moss’ style,... Read More

Nostalgia: Guest Editor Signe Yberg

Signe Yberg, a freelance fashion stylist based in NYC, has a carefree style and unfussy good looks we seriously sweat. She’s the kind of gal that can just throw on a casual cotton sundress and aviator glasses and look instantly Sartorialist-worthy. Since we are nosy here at The Pleat, we had to find out where Signe’s excellent sense of style comes from. Luckily she obliged, and look who’s our guest editor today? My Mother By Signe Yberg It’s barely even spring,... Read More

ZZZ Pants!

The debate over whether we style lovers should bemoan or embrace the pajama pant has been looming. On the one hand, a bad cut or awful print can strain and sting the eyes of others, and on the other, more than often silky texture and small prints are the perfect closer to an outfit. We’ve taken into consideration all sides of the argument and have come to the conclusion that most pajama pants should be left at home. But the pants shown here embody the perfect ‘je ne sais... Read More

Pass or Fail? Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson is so cool that even though we can’t name one project she has been in since The O.C., we can rattle off a very descriptive summary of her cool chick style. From denim shorts with tights to ombre high-lights, this pint-sized brunette is fearless when it comes to fashion (thankfully, not fearless but disastrous like her O.C. co”star” Mischa Barton). So what do we think of this salmon number you ask? Granted, it isn’t uber-young looking and... Read More

What bag is Sienna Miller carrying around these days? Answered!

We Pleaters are constantly getting hit up about what our favorite It Girls like Sienna are wearing. Jennifer from Englewood, NJ wants to know: “I love Sienna Miller’s style and am also looking for a new handbag for spring. Do you happen to know what she’s carrying these days that I can use as an inspiration for my next purchase?” Jennifer, we thought we’d help you out and let you know that Miss Miller is a Prada lover, as are we. We adore Sienna’s... Read More

Designer Spotlight: Leyendecker

We Pleaters acquired a collective obsession back in the New Jersey offices of Life & Style Weekly. This quaint cool brand we discovered started peaking our fashion attention, and we soon became quick fans of the LA based design duo Leyendecker. The collection launched back in 2006 by Los Angeles designers Jessica Moss and Lisa Guajardo. The two have quickly gained a strong reputation for consistently clean lines fused with a classic current sensibility. Moss and Guajardo... Read More