Pass or Fail? Claire Danes


Ms. Danes, you know we love your style more often than none–in fact our My So-Called Life posting was a testament to this. So why willingly throw yourself off the pedestal we placed you on by showing up in, not a terrible, but for lack of a better word, meh outfit? 

The dress’s ill fit hides your surprisingly kick-ass body, the bracelet totally baffles us, and the belt would look better over a cardigan at a parent/teacher conference. And is it just us or do the terrible beige pumps look eerily similar to the ones Barbie rocks (albeit open-toe)? And not to drone on or anything (puh-lease, you know we will) but the unfinished arm opening gives you a fuzzy pits appearance.

And your hair sucks.

Besides that, congrats on the Golden Globe!

Our verdict: FAIL

Image Courtesy of Lionel Hahn/


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2 Responses to “Pass or Fail? Claire Danes”
  1. Chchchicken says:

    Ew, Claire Danes does NOT have a good body. Claire Danes has an ugly, long gross torso, and has and ugly, big ego and a lame personality. Nothing could ever make her a pass – except a lobotomy. I’d love it if your site would ban all Claire Danes coverage. She sucks!

  2. cyclical vic says:

    4 words:

    It’s all about love.

    THE WORST MOVIE EVER. An unforgivable, abysmal mess that Claire should be ashamed of. Just thinking about it is nauseating. Yuck.

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