Blogger Style: City Brewed

Nowadays we are getting style tips from all walks of life, not just trend consultant agencies and fashion editors. Prime example: Ellie Eckert, a 19-year-old student and fashion blogger from Florida.

When Ellie isn’t running around NYC trying to finish her homework, she is posting her infinite fashion loves on her site called CityBrewed.

Ellie’s style can only be described as rock n’ roll-meets-LES-meets-student about campus, and makes us wish we were still cramming for exams and writing papers. She is a avid fan of lipsticks in all shades, her go-to accessories are watches and the perfect tee makes her day. Ellie makes a point of letting her readers know what she is wearing by photographing her best outfits. She also keeps us in the know of what’s on her shopping radar. And while we are still always high on coffee a “few” years after graduation (this is NYC after all), we thought it’d be fun to have Miss Eckert give us some tips on essentials items to add to our shopping lists.


1. Topshop “Gold Button” military shirt, $70, 2. James Perse “Scoop-neck” t-shirt, $50, 3. Topshop “blue Scallop” hem shorts, $70, 4. Topshop “Knitted Bodycon” cropped vest, $65, 5. Karen Walker Eyewear “Helter Skelter” turquoise shades, $180, 6. Helmut Lang “Scoop Neck” cotton sweater, $275, 7. Acne “Rider Low” boots, $482, 8. ASOS “Boxy Flat Box” clutch, $36,

Images Courtesy of CityBrewed

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