WTF Wednesdays: Dead Head


Ladies and gents, introducing the reincarnation of your favorite furry, burrowing friends… Literally.

In case you have had a stirring to find the most revolting ways to wear a dead animal, we have found them for you.

And as a retired vegetarian and one who has issues wearing fur, I would love to know how this passes through P.E.T.A.’s claws without them having a collective aneurysm.

Toss your wallet, chewing gum, and lip-gloss into this fox’s dead, bloated abdomen and make use of roadkill that doesn’t involve a grill (I think I just puked).

Sadly, I’m not kidding.

A British studio-artist turned accessory-designer makes it a point to hunker over dead squirrels, birds and foxes. Thanks to her, we can all feel better about the squeal of a tire as the life is snuffed out of these creatures.  If taxidermy in the living room wasn’t odd enough, we can further immortalize these “mort” creatures by wearing them.
If you want to get really morbid, get the guinea pig;  you can let him sit atop your head.

WTF is wrong with people?

I’ve never been down with taxidermy, but this takes f***ked up to a whole new level.

-Samara D’Auria


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2 Responses to “WTF Wednesdays: Dead Head”
  1. Chchchicken says:

    OH DEAR LORD!!!!!
    How Victorian!

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