Victoria Beckham Launches Lower Priced Line

WWD announced today that Victoria Beckham is launching a new lower priced line. Arriving in stores in Spring 2012 “Victoria by Victoria Beckham” and with prices ranging from $550 to $1,300. The designer says the line is inspired by her ‘other side’. Aka more relaxed looks as opposed to the elegant red carpet glamour of her main line. “Victoria by Victoria Beckham” will feature ‘the perfect little summer dress, something that was fun,... Read More

Tried & Tested: Lash Dip (Mascara that lasts for 5 wks?!)

There are “Beauty Breakthroughs” and then there are Beauty Breakthroughs. LashDip is the latter. It’s a legit, semi-permanent mascara that is more gentle, blacker, and life-changing than any other mascara on the market. The expertly-applied mascara stays on your lashes without one single harmful effect and makes your lashes look naturally longer, thicker and darker. As important as what it does? What it DOESN’T do. Say au revoir to: -Irritation -Raccoon... Read More

Designer Spotlight: Bec & Bridge (Another Awesome Line From Australia)

With the US debuts of Shakuhachi, Stylestalker and Zimmerman, we are starting to wonder if there is something in the water down-under. Aussie’s are giving fashion a run for it’s money. This time we are dying over Australian label Bec & Bridge. The line has been a fashion staple in Australia since 2003 but has just made its way to the US of A. The looks have already made their way onto LA starlet bodies, outfitting the Kardashian crew among others. Becky Cooper... Read More

Girl Crush: Emma Stone

Oh Emma, you make us wish we could go back and start over, maybe take an acting class or two. You were the added sass in Superbad, having us long to have been that tame in high school. We fell in love with you in Easy A, playing the scorned faux-harlot in the modern version of the Scarlett Letter. And as host of SNL you reminded us that you are ready and willing to do anything, that you’re just one of the guy’s girls crew. But the truth is you are just so damn... Read More

Far and Away

We are lamenting being stuck behind our computer screens right now… been daydreaming of travel and adventure since we woke up to this hot weather. Why not play mental hookie for a day? Daydream of all things exotic and of course, what you would wear there. Grab this Tooshie Siltclaw bikini and lounge by the sea. When the sun goes to sleep throw on this easy tee dress from Tsumori Chisato and ease into the evening with the perfect glass of chilled white. …Ahhh, to... Read More

WTF: Wednesday: Cuch Cover

  WTF Wednesdays are always full of awe. Who knew the world had so many creative minds? To brave the abyss of the human body and drum up yet another correctional product for, wait for it…Camel Toe. Yes people, we have been oohing and ahhhing over this product and are shockingly impressed all the while feeling like this cannot be real. I mean really, a cuch pad to stop the discomfort of the front wedgie? Our real question is, who buys this???? And then after a moments... Read More

Blogger Style: Frou Frouu

While piddling through the plethora of fashion bloggers out there we came across Nadia Sarwar’s FrouFrouu blog. Something about the site made us feel romantic and eerie all at once, like we were rereading A Room Of One’s Own by Virginia Wolfe. Nadia took to blogging back in early 2009, mostly born out of her love for dressing and reading other blogs, and swears she doesn’t always get it right. Truth is, we couldn’t disagree more after looking at her editorial... Read More

Designer Spotlight: Iosselliani

  Some of us remember the eclectic, mixed media creations that are Iosselliani all the way back to 2005, when Paolo Giacomelli and Roberta Paolucci first started the accessory line. We remember being on a shoot for Elle Girl and wishing that we could use everything that their showroom had sent. Iosselliani is a line that fuses iconic representations of traditional Italian jewelry with a more modern aesthetic, to create a cluster hybrid of the genres. It is the fresh... Read More

Style News Roundup: Smurfette WORKS Marc Jacobs, Gisele Overachieves, and More!

• Smurfette drips herself in Lanvin and Marc Jacobs for Harpers Bazaar. [HarpersBazaar] • Gisele Bundchen graces four cover pages for the July issue of Vogue Brazil. [FashionGoneRogue] • Barney’s Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler give an inside look at their NYC abode. Basically interior design porn. [TheCoveteur] • 5 Beauty products that are apparently unnecessary. Eye cream is on there! WTF I am so lost. [Shine] • Johnny Weir is the face of MAC Makeup for the... Read More

Style New Roundup: Beyonce Binge Shops, Princess Kate still loving McQueen, and More!

• Beyonce (aka Beyonce’s assistant) bought 25 pairs of designer shoes for little sister Solange Knowles for her 25th birthday Friday. We have an irrational (or perhaps rational) hatred for Solange ever since this. [PageSix] • Marc Jacobs in Prada drag. Workin it. [Industrie] • Heidi Klum designs jewelry line for QVC. It is called Wildlife by Heidi Klum. This title concerns us. [WWD] • Kate Middleton is stuck on McQueen. [CatWalkQueen] • Can you guess what Narciso... Read More