Aritzia Store Opening


There is nothing more exciting than having your favorite boutiques follow you to new places. As a Canadian transplant, I have long awaited Aritzia’s arrival in Manhattan and today it finally happened.

The boutique shopping experience that is Aritzia, makes a customer feel comfortable, zen and excited about trying everything and anything on. If that weren’t enough, there is even a enormous wood carving of a hand pitted in a base of crystals to give you good luck as you enter the changing rooms. (Maybe it will make those un-wanted areas disappear???)


I pilfered through racks and racks of soft blouses mixed with leather vests, shorts and bodycon dresses, making me wish I could spend my whole paycheck in one place, pondering the idea of whether I’d be evicted should I decide to pay my rent a month late.


Truth be told, I could never be that irrespponsible, but looking at all the gorgeous pieces from “le Fou”, Aritzia’s private label, I was oh-so tempted.


If for no other reason than to glare at the large crystals or to stare and the paw prints of a rabbit as you climb your way to the second floor of retail therapy, make your way to Aritzia’s new Soho location and consider yourself that much closer to shopping zen.

Aritzia, 524 Broadway at Prince Street, NYC


Image Courtesy of Aritzia and Samara D’Auria


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