Ahhh plastic. Makes us think of grandma’s living room, where you couldn’t sit on anything without hearing the crunch and crackle of a crisp clean plastic coating, protecting the precious furniture from all that waited to ruin it. Jokes aside, we are in love with this trend. Plastic bags and travel cases leave zero room for the endless search into the bottomless pit, A.K.A. our purses. Shoes retain that look of new, just like the day you bought them, no matter what outdoor... Read More

Pass or Fail? Cameron Diaz

We know her legs are endless and her abs could actually be used as a washboard but we are not sure about this one Cammie. Seems to me you took the color block trend and tried to mix it with the pantless trend with a twist on the minimalist trend and somehow ended up with the Alice in Wonderland look. I think Helena Boham Carter called and asked if you would please dry clean her dish towel before you return it. On a positive note, though her hair could look better (wash rinse... Read More

Guest Editor: Kemble Interior’s Leah Nichols

These neutral pieces are the perfect backdrop for a delightfully chaotic beach house that’s always filled with family and friends. Not just for a summer home, these whimsical elements create a light and summery interior anywhere, even in a small NYC apartment. 1. “I love the playful sophistication of Slim Aarons Photography.” Kaufman House, Starts at $275, Photography Gallery 2. “This lacquered wood bead chandelier feels like dangling jewelry over a dining... Read More

Runway: She’s So Square

We’re obsessing over the square shaped tops popping up all over the place. From runway to D.I.Y. street creations we are looking forward to wearing these ourselves. Whether you like more of a rock & roll  muscle tee look, or a prim fifties boxy structured style, we’ve found a couple clean lined tops that will make summer dressing simple. C’mon, kitten, you can be a little square. 1. Dolce Vita “Lora” striped top, $78, 2. Evil... Read More

Deal-icious: June

Why spend tons of dough on fancy summer clothes that you are just gonna sweat buckets in anyway? With our following picks, you’ll look amazing and still have money left over for that summer vacation you’ve been saving up for. We recommend a trip to the Maldives, although we’ll most likely be sunning along the beautiful Hudson River “coastline”. It’s very exotic. 1. Market weaver bracelet, $10, 2. Motel “Celeste” dress,... Read More

WTF Wednesday: Boob Pillows?

Ladies, drumroll please. We’ve done it again. For today’s moment in WTF, we bring to you the tit bridge or, as we like to call it, the boob pillow. It looks a bit like a dildo, but it’s supposed to support and separate your sweater puppies while you dream of how gorgeous they will remain through the crush-free night. Think of it as a body pillow for your rack. There’s a reason for every new invention and we are sure this particular decollete device... Read More

Versace and H&M

In the wee hours of this morning H&M announced its upcoming designer collaboration with the house of Versace (guess they run on Swedish time). Donatella will collaborate with the trendy powerhouse to create exclusive designs for men, women and even some home. The collaboration will highlight designs and staples that will echo the longtime heritage of the Versace brand. Complete with leather, prints, color, and exuberance in exclusive materials at H&M prices. Versace... Read More

Guest Editor: “Where Did U Get That” Blogger Karen Blanchard

  We knew we were destined to be good friends when we asked Karen to guest edit for us, and her first pick was an iconic long Halston dress that we already ran in a previous post. Karen Blanchard is an expat from England who documents her style via her personal style blog Where Did U Get That. Her love of mixing high with low (especially vintage and thrift) started from walking the local London street markets as a child with her Mum. The habit stuck and she nows shares mixing... Read More

Pass or Fail? Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes already has us wondering where her head is at by marrying Tom Cruise. That aside, we’ve still been appreciative of her general sense of style. But we all wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Is this a dress or a black and white cookie? Katie your hair looks fab, and we can even vouch for the shoes, but the dress? We know the black and white trend has been all over the runways, but this is just blah. Image Courtesy of Lionel Hahn/ View This Poll  Read More

Trend: Retro Bathers

We were perched on our couch this weekend watching TMC, recalling the fashions of the 50’s and 60’s. We couldn’t help but be awe-struck by Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Lauren and the Elizabeth Taylor; all each one a pinnacle of femininity. Inspired by their beach attire, we’d like to remind our readers that the one-piece suit never dies. In fact, its back with a bang. – 1. Anthropologie “Amplitude” suit, $99, 2. Barney’s “Pret-A-Surf”... Read More