Tried & Tested: Lash Dip (Mascara that lasts for 5 wks?!)


There are “Beauty Breakthroughs” and then there are Beauty Breakthroughs. LashDip is the latter. It’s a legit, semi-permanent mascara that is more gentle, blacker, and life-changing than any other mascara on the market. The expertly-applied mascara stays on your lashes without one single harmful effect and makes your lashes look naturally longer, thicker and darker. As important as what it does? What it DOESN’T do. Say au revoir to:

-Raccoon eyes
-Clogged pores
-Broken, weak lashes

The painless application (Swear, this editor is a major wimp) takes about 45 minutes and lasted us 5 weeks, though the brand claims 2-3. Our tip: Resist the urge to get too many of the brands extensions. They look great, but are not fun to sleep in. Go for the natural look and add on mascara or falsies for special occasions. Our only other kvetch: the mandatory eye makeup remover isn’t that strong, so if you do like the look of a lot of eye liner, you might be spending 5 minutes removing it at the end of the night / the next morning.

Overall, it’s a brilliant invention. It’s made our makeup routine simpler and our overall look just a tad bit more glam. Most importantly, everything we hate about mascara (see list above) is history. See? We said it was a breakthrough.

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2 Responses to “Tried & Tested: Lash Dip (Mascara that lasts for 5 wks?!)”
  1. E. Sanchez says:

    Where can I purchase this product?

  2. Cindy says:

    Where can I purchase the product?

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