Pretty Pennies Nostalgia: Reality Bites

If you haven’t heard of Kelsey Stengle or Pretty Pennies, than you are missing out on one of the coolest girls and the best fashion e-commerce site out there. The introduction came through our bud Jessie Cohen, and since we’ve always loved the pieces on PP, we thought having Kelsey curate a page would be perfection. Oh, and did we mention she’s hysterical? Kelsey Stengle, a South Dakota native and the brains, buying power and creative genius behind Pretty Pennies,... Read More

Designer Spotlight: POPOMOMO

  Our good friend Kimmy Ratican sat down with creator and founder of Popomomo, Elizabeth Connolly Wasserman, to discuss fashion, art and what she would be doing if she wasn’t designing. Personally, we are beyond excited to finally find a great eco-friendly line that gets us excited to put on clothes. When did you start Popomomo? It started as a creative outlet and a way to be more experimental than my design day-job and I made crazy one-offs and sold them in Philly... Read More

Blogger Style: Natalie Off Duty

Natalie Suarez, a model who has recently relocated to New York, has always loved entertaining others. If you won’t take our word for it click to her blog NatalieOffDuty, and catch her video rendition of Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’. The multi-talent and now blogger says that fashion has always been a big part of who she is. Her collection of vintage pieces salvaged from her hometown of Los Angeles mixed with a few designer finds define her model off duty... Read More

David Beckham Bodywear Coming to H&M

In case you don’t already drool at the sight of David Beckham (that is when he doesn’t open his mouth), be prepared. Our favorite, at least to look at, British soccer import just signed a deal to collaborate with H&M on a skivvy & bodywear line. Fingers crossed we have some seductive ad campaigns coming our way. No real details have emerged as to the specifics of prospective nut-huggers or if their will be a full casual line. But we do expect he will be the... Read More

Lia Sophia Fans Party in West Hollywood

From Left: Ashlee Simpson and Kourtney Kardashian Dani Stahl’s done it again. The NYLON editor made us covet Lia Sophia’s higher-end baubles even more than her last collaboration collection. Dubbed Industrielle II, the heavyweight pieces were just as blingy and deco-y as her first collection, but this time, we saw deeper, richer jewel toned enamels, brushed metals, and even some unisex bracelets. It was no wonder that Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, Nicky Hilton, and Kourtney Kardashian... Read More

Vintage Finds: The Style Armory

As you know we are always excited to find cool one-of-a-kind must-have pieces. The Style Armory is a new vintage consignment site that makes our style stalking a piece of cake. The newly launched Style Armory has been created and curated by three longtime friends that are as fashion obsessed as we are at The Pleat. So you can imagine our enthusiasm to be able to introduce them to our readers. Julie Siden, Jenn Zinn and Bernadette Odoms have come together to bring vintage enthusiasts... Read More

WTF Wednesday: Doggy Umbrella

Do we need to change the lyrics to “I’m Shitting In The Rain”? Isn’t it enough that people have started to replace children with dogs? I mean we know we may teach our furry friends to fetch the paper, roll over, maybe even bark on command. But truth be told we think doggie booties and sweaters are (don’t hate us) ridiculous. So a doggy umbrella…come on! People maybe taking the doggy decals a little too far. While we may be barking up the wrong... Read More

Trend: Waterworks

‘Tis the season to get wet! Get your neoprene on and catch a wave. In case you ladies are thinking of getting on a board to try to catch a wave, we put together a couple things you may want to take with you. A great summer wetsuit, some shades and a soft board, so that if you take too many tumbles your body won’t hate you. All this and a waterproof camera to keep track of just how ‘amateur’ you are. 1.Degree 33 “7’6 EpoxiSoft” Funboard... Read More

Pass or Fail? Carey Mulligan

Happy ‘Pass Fail’ Monday readers. We are slow moving this am, and definitely need a second cup of Joe before we revisit the idea of Carey Mulligan’s dress. We had to do a double take. Maybe this dress was inspired by Bastille Day? Was Carey looking to replicate Eugene Delacroix’s iconic French painting of female Liberty? Or was she just showing off her thin, flat belly? We aren’t sure where she was going in this draped-color-block-concoction but... Read More

Summer Soiree with Corey Lynn Calter

Corey Lynn is one of our favorite designers, but she’s also an amazing host. Luckily she’s offered to give us some suggestions on how to get your home ready for a summer shindig and brighten things up with pops of color. These are her favorite things for bringing that element into a great summer outdoor party. 1. Direct From Mexico ” Yellow Wooden Birdcage”, $29, 2. Terrain “Dot” stoneware tray, $148, 3.... Read More