Q&A: Designer Jean-Michel Cazabat


We’d take a great pair of shoes over a dress any day – call it a foot fetish, but we were delighted to sit down and Chat with genius shoe designer Jean-Michel Cazabat.  He also hinted that he’s finalizing the details of his first NYC store, set to open in early Fall, but that’s best kept for another post.

How’d you wind up in this job?  
I was a Photographer and I needed a part time job.  I’d always loved shoes and I got a job as a salesman job in a Charles Jourdan store. 

What do you look for in a great pair of shoes?
A great shoe is all about attitude, material and comfort.

Do you think that footwear is indicative of a person’s style? If so does it have more weight than an outfit?
Definitely! You can look great with a hot pair of shoes in a simple white tee-shirt and jeans.

What was your scariest pair of shoes that you coveted?
All my “babies” (his creations) are special and I hope invoke desire.

Yep, we have to ask–we’re a shopping blogazine! What are you favorite stores anywhere in the whole entire world?
I Love Maxfield in LA and Barneys in NYC.

Do you like shopping online or in real life better?
I, personally, prefer to see and try on a product in real life.

What items in your closet have you kept forever?
My Silver Python Boots (Jean-Michel Cazabat, of course!).

What’s a place you’ve been to that isn’t “known” for their inhabitant’s fashion sense, but you found surprisingly stylish?  
I feel the Balinese people have an amazingly simple sense of style.

Who’s top 3 on your “mental best dressed list” and what is it you like about their style?  
Lapo Elkann , Mick Jagger and Serge Gainsbourg! All three of them know how to mix the tuxedo or suit jacket with jeans and sneakers or repeto carpezzio white shoes.

Any personal style regrets? Acid washed jeans? Big hair? Anything?
I really loved late sixties fashion. Just look at Brian Jones from the Rolling Stones, Magnifique!


Here are a couple sneak peak images of JMC’s upcoming fall soles!



Images Courtesy of Jean-Michel Cazabat

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