“I try to give fashion a political voice” – Photographer Nick Knight


Nick Knight,
influential British fashion and documentary photographer sat down for a Q&A video to discuss his take on the state of fashion, using it as a voice to communicate, and the direction it is taking us. The video is not only sprinkled with stunning clips of Nick’s visionary work, but is also filled with eye opening sartorial insight.

We decided to round up some of our favorite quotes. Video is below and well worth the 13 minute watch.

• “Yohji Yamamoto or an Alexander McQueen. They want to talk. And their collections are full of narrative and their clothes are full of meaning. You just have to want to understand them.

• “Every time she walks from her hotel to the limousine, it’s a catwalk – Nick on Lady Gaga.

• “Fashion is actually very often maligned in popular press” “It’s often just trivialized.

• “Everyone wants to talk about fashion, that it has to be part of our daily lives. But our daily lives are car crashes, cancer, and rape. And nobody talks about that in fashion. And actually that’s what I wanted to articulate.

• “There hasn’t ever been a society which has failed to express itself through it’s outward appearance.

• “I try to give fashion a political voice.


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