Nostalgia: The Plastic Charm Necklace


Come’on ladies! Don’t deny your history, we know you were as cool as we were. Back when Garbage Pail Kid trading cards kept us giggling and chewing powdery bubble -gum, we were also looking for the next gem to hang off our plastic bell charm necklaces.

Don’t pretend like you didn’t scheme and fawn over those plastic rackets and whistles in pop colors, we know you did. Lusting after the next best bauble, we’d make new friends with just about anyone just so we could covet their bright pink bear charm.  At least admit that these were way better than Flav ‘of Flav’s clock-neck-candy!

Vintage 80′s Plastic Bell Charm Necklace, Etsy

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3 Responses to “Nostalgia: The Plastic Charm Necklace”
  1. Antoinette says:

    I still have all of my charms from the 80′s :)

  2. Jennie says:

    OMG I saw these today on Pinterest and I totally forgot about them until that moment. What memories they bring back. I have been scouring the net like crazy to find some for my 5 year old daughter and the ones you can find are ridiculous. Someone needs to bring these back. The kids today would love them. This was way better than their Silly Bandz

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