Designer Profile: Motel

Having just jumped on a plane back from the Bay Islands with a killer tan and a taste for Mai Tai’s, we can’t help but wish we could get into these asap. Motel, you do us fashion favors everyday with your affordable chic looks. If you aren’t familiar, take a gander! MotelRocks  Read More

Q&A: Street Photographer, Craig Arend

We caught up with our friend and photographer Craig Arend founder of Altamiranyc to pick his brain about street style, models and the snap that makes him most proud. How did you get your start shooting models off duty? I first shot Andrew Bevan, a Teen Vogue editor at an Agyness Deyn party. Then 6 months later after shooting him at fashion week and posting his photo, I got an email saying, “I was having such a horrible day and looking at that pic cheered me up because... Read More

Scenes from New York Fashion Week (PICS)

Sofia Coppola (L) and Karen Elson attend the Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 fashion show at the New York City Armory. Models walk the runway during the Alexander Wang Fashion Show at Pier 94. Stylist Brad Goreski chats at Lincoln Center. A view of photographers at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2011 at Lincoln Center. Model Karolina Kurkova during an interview backstage at the Herve Leger by Max Azria Fall 2011. General view of the runway at the Herve Leger by Max Azria Fall 2011. Hilary... Read More

J Brand to Launch a Full Line of Sportswear

J. Brand has made us denim crazy since they launched six years ago. We’d go so far as to say that one of us may be considered a twill hoarder thanks to these geniuses. So just when you thought it was safe to keep some Ben Franklins in your wallet, J. Brand had to go and announce they are sprouting a full contemporary line, complete with lambskin bombers and tissue tees. The line will debut this coming spring. Price points to range between $200-$1500. So much for our piggy... Read More

The Met: Prada and Schiaparelli Converse

The Costume Institute at the Met’s much anticipated Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations 2012 exhibition is finally approaching. From May 10th through August 19th, the museum will highlight the strikingly congruent affinities of two Italian designers from different eras. The show is a very literal interpretation of the word “conversation.” To paraphrase the release that was sent out by the museum, the exhibition is a discussion of seven topics that both... Read More

Wildfox Resort: Get Chilled

We are packing for a sick beach vacation and thought back to Wildfox’s resort campaign. There is nothing more inspiring when you have to pack for a sun-filled lazy vaca, than the genius simplicity that is this luxurious lounge brand. With the quippy sayings and the fashion forward details, Wildfox has proven they are an “IT Girl” staple for life. Here’s a peek at what you too should be packing for beach or chill vacation! For more go to    Read More

Pass or Fail? Miley Cyrus

At first glance we thought to ourselves, “Bravo Miley, you finally pulled off chic!” Then, the warped  realization that a sheer fabric was the only thing between her thigh and our naked eyes. The invasive sight of the multicolored trim made us wish we were 8 years old, peering through a kaleidoscope, twisting the bits of color until she was covered up again!  Try twisting this word to make it read another: FAIL. View This Poll  Read More

Blogger Style: Fashion Maverick

Fashion Maverickis Heidi Kalalo, a fashion aficionado who believes “it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it.” She’s a native of the Republic of Indonesia and is motivated by the ever-growing style community in and around her country and the small nations neighboring it. Heidi is definitely on our list of great blogs and kills it with a keen eye and great outfits. We couldn’t help but dream of hitting Indonesia the next time we get on a plane. Take a... Read More

Designer Spotlight: Kimberly Ovitz

This time of year we are dying to be on a beach lounging in cling-free garments as we sun our pale bodies, and Kimberly Ovitz has the perfect collection for such occasions. Ovitz’s spring line is a harem of modern asymmetric cuts complete with minimalistic detailing, cutouts, and saturated reds. We can’t wait to be able to wear all of it. Kimberly began her contemporary label back in 2009. The California native made it her mission to create clothing that emulated... Read More

Street Style: Neutrals and Plaid

We’ve definitely been suffering from a case of the Mondays lately—the fashion Mondays that is! You know, those mornings after a great weekend when you just don’t want to think about anything (especially the grueling day in front of you) and wish you could wear your PJs to work? This look inspired us to try to get something less offensive together, and avoid looking like a walking bedhead. A great pair of skinny twills, some lace-up booties, a boyfriend coat, and... Read More