Manning Cartell


If you were ever to go into business with your siblings, you might consider taking pointers from the Manning sisters. The Australian trio of Manning Cartell have blown us away with their twist on cutting-edge femininity for the sophisticated hipster.

With color, texture, and an urban minimalism that keeps us wanting more, the Manning sisters have made us hungry for season after season of their collections since they launched back in 2006. Clearly, we aren’t the only ones who’ve been stalking their Aussie style—they have carved tons of wholesale distribution throughout Oz on their way to making a splash in North America.

If these looks haven’t enticed you, click here for more.

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One Response to “Manning Cartell”
  1. Maslinda says:

    The fact that they ate sisters and they do together such an amazing job is what make their creations even cuter!! I love them .. :)

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