About Us


The Pleat is a blogazine run by two seasoned editors who believe that fashion should inspire rather than intimidate. Focusing on serious fashion, but not fashion taken too seriously, this online fashion hub aims to introduce what is fun, fresh and at the forefront of fashion by combining comprehensive editorial and fashion market coverage with the conversational tone of a blog. From couture to street, The Pleat focuses on fashion with candor-a love for style and edge minus a sense of severity!

The Pleat believes that style can be seen everywhere-from the runways of Paris, to the streets of New York, to the suburban malls of Middle America. Simply put, our mission is to introduce, encourage and inspire this style at a variety of costs (be it a $5 discount dud or a $5000 designer dress) in an exciting, approachable and service-oriented way. Ultimately, The Pleat believes that style is not absolute or clearly definable but reflects one’s sense of individuality, combined with confidence and sprinkled with humor.

We want fashion to be fun and to express our (and your) distinct taste, what’s on our minds and more importantly, what’s on our shopping lists! We also really like looking at pretty clothes.

The Pleaters
Samara D’Auria and Tiffanie Graham