Blogger Style: Fashion Maverick


Fashion Maverickis Heidi Kalalo, a fashion aficionado who believes “it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it.” She’s a native of the Republic of Indonesia and is motivated by the ever-growing style community in and around her country and the small nations neighboring it. Heidi is definitely on our list of great blogs and kills it with a keen eye and great outfits.... Read More

Blogger Style: Peony Lim


Peony Lim is yet another style blogger that we’ve taken to following.  Lim studied Fashion Promotion at London University of Arts and her knack for style led her to be photographed by streetstyle photographers outside of her school. It was at that point where she decided to start PeonyLim back in 2010. Peony’s Chinese and English background is apparent in her dressing.... Read More

Blogger Style: Atlantic Pacific


Blair “Bee” Eadie’s blog, Atlantic-Pacific, was one we stumbled upon in our ever quest to find the next best blogger style. With a fashion sense not unlike Jenna Lyons, Bee tends to gravitate towards a preppy-clean look with an affinity for layering. Be it with apparel or loads or accessories, this SF native makes us want to rethink our wardrobes. Not only did... Read More

Blogger Style: De Lune


We recently met Claire Geist of De Lune blog at the H&M showroom in NYC when she was working on a project with Stylecaster and the fashion powerhouse. Our first impression was a simple, totally fun girl with great energy and style. She’s quickly become our favorite redhead (sorry Jane Aldridge).  She makes dressing easy and relaxed and has us wanting to hit the nearest... Read More

Blogger Style: Style Bubble


In our minds, Susie Bubble is the queen of all bloggers. She is a not afraid to embrace the eccentric and loves color, texture and anything that is outlandish. Susanna Lau may have a softspoken British accent, but her style would likely make the heavens sing in praise. Whenever we have a ‘yawn’ fashion day we can link to her blog and feel like we’ve just ingested... Read More

Blogger Style: Atlantis Home


Judy Aldridge is living proof that fashion blogging is a universe expansive enough to incorporate all ages and taste levels. Her blog Atlantis Homecovers all things home, fashion and style related. Judy lives in Trophy Club, Texas, with her daughters Carol and Jane Aldridge (yes the infamous Sea Of Shoes blogger).Judy began her career as a model, living in Tokyo in the 80s and... Read More

Blogger Style: 5 Inch and Up


Our latest blogger go to, 5 Inch And Up, is a fashion design student at the London college of fashion and originally hails from Finland. Her eclectic style of leather and classic denim shapes mixed with bohemian accessories shows this girl’s style and talent beyond her years. Check out the pieces below inspired by her layered look. 1. Winter Kate, Barbary Fringe Jacket,... Read More

Blogger Style: Golden Diamonds


The Pleat likes to search out high style everywhere. And today’s Blogger style takes us to streets of Moldova. TheGoldenDiamonds Doina Ciobanu is gorgeous, has a knack for creating some unexpected fashion creations, and also has aspirations one day enter the world of politics. This 16 year old’s (Yes, 16) fashion sense is beyond her years and is already inspiring fields... Read More

Blogger Style: Natalie Off Duty


Natalie Suarez, a model who has recently relocated to New York, has always loved entertaining others. If you won’t take our word for it click to her blog NatalieOffDuty, and catch her video rendition of Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’. The multi-talent and now blogger says that fashion has always been a big part of who she is. Her collection of vintage pieces... Read More

Blogger Style: 9 to 5 Chic


Anh is a marketing manager by day and a fashion blogger by night (and weekends). The San Francisco based founder of 9to5Chic looks to maintain a balance in dressing for the workplace without feeling dowdy or boring. She’s managed to give her readers some flare without flambuoyance by carving out looks that are chiselingly-chic. Anh is a 28 year beauty, married with two dogs,... Read More