Blogger Style: Frou Frouu


While piddling through the plethora of fashion bloggers out there we came across Nadia Sarwar’s FrouFrouu blog. Something about the site made us feel romantic and eerie all at once, like we were rereading A Room Of One’s Own by Virginia Wolfe. Nadia took to blogging back in early 2009, mostly born out of her love for dressing and reading other blogs, and swears she... Read More

Guest Editor: “Where Did U Get That” Blogger Karen Blanchard


  We knew we were destined to be good friends when we asked Karen to guest edit for us, and her first pick was an iconic long Halston dress that we already ran in a previous post. Karen Blanchard is an expat from England who documents her style via her personal style blog Where Did U Get That. Her love of mixing high with low (especially vintage and thrift) started from walking... Read More

Blogger Style: Sincerely Jules


Julie Sarinana of Sincerely Jules was born in Mexico, raised in L.A., and like most fashion bloggers, is utterly and incredibly adorable (it must be a pre-requisite or something in the fashion water). The F.I.D.M. graduate turned to blogging only 2.5 years ago as a creative outlet, and she quickly grew to become one of the most well-known fashion bloggers there is. Jules has an... Read More

Blogger Trend: Orange You Chic!


A favorite color story we’ve seen go from the runway to the “blog-way”: Orange. It was a big color in makeup this past season, and now that the temperature’s gone up, style bloggers have be populating their wardrobes with this hue. These gals show us all the ways to not look like a bottle of SunnyD. You can go full-hilt with a bright pair of skinny jeans and clashing shoes... Read More

Blogger Style: Marian Kihogo


Like many of you out there (London Vogue, Lucky Mag and the Inside Source), our newest blogger crush is on Ghana-born, London based, celeb stylist and blogger Marian Kihogo. She has us whirling over the sheer creativity of her outfits as well as the content on her blog. A scrapbook filled with polaroids, clippings, postcards and most anything that inspired this fashion aficionado,... Read More

Blogger Style: Yours Truly


I mean, really? Who could pull off red hair and end up looking adorable and quirky, rather than being mistaken as the female cousin of Ronald McDonald? If you answered blogger extraordinaire Kerry Lockwood of 2. Marc Jacobs “Mathilde” coat, $1505 (sale), 4. Topshop floral print pussybow blouse, $70, 6. Sandy Hyun bib necklace,... Read More

Blogger Style: Keiko Lynn


  If you follow Keiko Grove’s blog, Keiko Lynn, you’ll see that’s she’s been a busy bee recently, guest editing on Refinery 29, traveling the country as a panelist for New Media forums, all on top of running her own fashion line Postlapsaria and of course, her namesake blog. We thought she was very Pleat-worthy not just for the impressive professional achievements,... Read More

Blogger Style: Angy’s Tea Room


We found Angelika Ardesheva’s blog, Angy’s Tea Room, by way of a Sartorialist post a few weeks back. You know, the one that generated over 1700 reader comments? If you happened to miss this post, here’s what Mr. Sart wrote that caused such a freak out: “I saw this young lady in Milan several times this past season. She is one of the crop of new bloggers. I loved that... Read More

Blogger Style: City Brewed


Nowadays we are getting style tips from all walks of life, not just trend consultant agencies and fashion editors. Prime example: Ellie Eckert, a 19-year-old student and fashion blogger from Florida. When Ellie isn’t running around NYC trying to finish her homework, she is posting her infinite fashion loves on her site called CityBrewed. Ellie’s style can only be described... Read More

Blogger Style: Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere


As most of you already know, The Pleat tries to make a habit of highlighting fashion bloggers with impeccable style. This week we bring you Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere. Emily is a  26-year-old Beverly Hills native with a penchant for dressing up and filling her belly with tasty treats. We heard she is also putting a book together…Emily can you elaborate? Schuman... Read More