Girl Crush: Sienna Miller


We may be getting ready for a tryptophan induced sleep this Thursday but we can’t help but get high on Sienna’s superstar styles. Whether the British blond is moshing in a pit at a concert or walking the red carpet for a star-studded premiere she never fails. She’s either rocking a hot casual, downtown number like jeans and combat boots or a gown with complete... Read More

January Jones Mixes Lady Like and Leather


Even though the weather has us dusting off our sandals and beach totes early, we seasoned NY’ers are prepared for a chilly turn in the wind patterns to remind us it’s still March. We suggest keeping those moto boots handy. Why not subtly shift your winter wardrobe to spring with a badass colorblock bag like January’s? A little color on your bag will give you some... Read More

Olsen Three?


Mary-Kate & Ashley are not the only Olsen’s who can make heads turn. It Girl Elizabeth Olsen (or Lizzie to those that know her well) has already completed 5 indie films, a degree from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, and has sat as model to none other than Kaiser Lagerfeld, all this by the ripe age of 23. The Sherman Oaks born ‘other’ Olsen has us and Sundance... Read More

Marion Shows Us How To Make Houndstooth Denim Work


Marion Cotillard never ceases to make us wish we were born French. Her style is always effortlessly chic, whether she is dazzling us on the red carpet or just strolling with her sexy hubby, we want to steal her look. This past week she was snapped by paparazzi in NYC wearing these kick-ass J Brand houndstooth jeans, and we were immediately obsessed. If there is even an ounce of... Read More

Pass or Fail? Miley Cyrus


At first glance we thought to ourselves, “Bravo Miley, you finally pulled off chic!” Then, the warped  realization that a sheer fabric was the only thing between her thigh and our naked eyes. The invasive sight of the multicolored trim made us wish we were 8 years old, peering through a kaleidoscope, twisting the bits of color until she was covered up again!  Try... Read More

Pass or Fail? Jessica Szohr


We are not really sure how to feel about Jessica Zohr’s outfit, and while we love her ‘do’ (reminiscent of a young Chrissie Hynde) and the dark navy smoky eyes, her dress feels like something from a fantasy world. We can’t help but think she was conjured up by Mickey’s wand in Fantasia, and guess what… the mouse failed!   View This Poll  Read More

Lady Gaga Wears Carolina Herrera


The suicide prevention program, The Trevor Project, honored a Carolina Herrera clad Lady Gaga earlier this week. The ever-changing Gaga was beyond touched and, though we aren’t the screaming and crying fan types its clear the Pop Queen does her best to lend a voice to all sexualities. The Trevor Hero Award honors Lady Gaga for being an inspiration to youth and increasing... Read More

Pass or Fail? Kate Bosworth


Can someone say Stealing Magnolias? We are sure that Ouiser (Shirley Maclane’s character) is somewhere behind Kate waiting to hit somebody with her bag for having raided her closet. Unfortunately, we are not huge fans of dressing like we just walked out of Toddlers and Tiaras to grace a red carpet event. Sorry Kate, you may have the face of a debutante, but this dress is... Read More

Pass or Fail? Jennifer Lopez


J.lo is keeping with the Holiday swing of things. This winter white gown complete with leaf-like paillettes and beading make us wish we were on a hilltop of a winter wonderland. We are totally digging her silver and white shadow around the eyes and the high slit that show off her perfectly sculpted legs. This is a definite PASS that makes us want to hit the gym asap! View This... Read More

Pass or Fail? Kirsten Dunst


When we found this pic we felt refreshed at first. We thought to ourselves oooh, its soo Grace Kelly but then we took notice of the hemline and started to feel like we were in a warped version of Leave It To Beaver. The problem is Kirsten seems to be missing half the skirt. June Cleaver would never be caught dead in something so short. Maybe she’s suffering from bouts of... Read More