DEAL-icious: July 2011


Bargain hunters, take a day off. We’ve done the work for you. I know everyone loves the thrill of the hunt (at least we do) but don’t tell us you wouldn’t rather lounge around in this Madewell romper or traipse the city in the comfy, cute wedges from Asos. A little goes a long way with these deals, and you can still get that bottle of rosé without feeling anxious... Read More

Deal-icious: June


Why spend tons of dough on fancy summer clothes that you are just gonna sweat buckets in anyway? With our following picks, you’ll look amazing and still have money left over for that summer vacation you’ve been saving up for. We recommend a trip to the Maldives, although we’ll most likely be sunning along the beautiful Hudson River “coastline”. It’s... Read More

Dealicious: Everything Under $50!


Ladies, and daring gents, we are sure you love a deal as much as we do. Our motto has always been the cheaper the better, because then there are more bills to spend on some good wine, and if you eat it…cheese! We thought we’d wet your appetites with these Deal-i-cious finds for under $50 because everyone could use a little retail therapy that won’t depleat their... Read More

DEALicious Blowout: UNDER $75 EDITION


It’s the beginning of March which means the days are getting longer, although our wallets are still getting flatter. So why spend a fortune when replenishing your spring cleaning wardrobe purge? From a transitional leather jacket that is truly season-less, to a body-con dress in a refreshing color, to a berry-licious ankle-cuff sliver wedge, fun fashion can be had for far... Read More

Dealicious Blowout: Under $100 Edition


We decided to bring you this Dealicious special simply because a. we love cool and stylish pieces and b. we love affordable pieces even more. So enjoy the best of both worlds without breaking a benjamin, baby. And no, we aren’t advocating flimsy dresses that will fall apart after one wash or cheap plastic shoes that will make your feet reek. How about a structured lady-like bag... Read More

Jacket Up!


Finding a cute topper like this one at a fair price isn’t easy. Structured sleeves, lapels, nice buttons . . . it ain’t cheap to construct a good blazer! We found this Aryn K number for under $100 and were pleasantly surprised with all the bells and whistles it came with. Fancy-looking engraved brass buttons, sporty patch pockets and self-welting around the edge of the lapels... Read More

DEAL-icious Special! Last Minute Gifts Under $100


Sometimes even the most organized of us get a little behind on things, like. . . holiday shopping!  We know you’re a busy gal, so if you didn’t take heed to our Gift Guide Mini-Series a few weeks ago, here’s your second chance.  And a DEAL-icious chance, too! A 35mm film (yes, film) camera, super-soft baby rompers, preppy stationary in a swish lucite box, we have the... Read More

Black Friday (The Semi-Selfish Version)


Welcome today, the now infamous Black Friday.  A day that’s almost grown to be a holiday in its own right.  A day when shoppers are up at 3 AM, and have caused life-threatening stampedes by 5AM. All in the name of deep discounts and door busters galore. We know this day of frenzied consumption is supposed to be about shopping for other people, but with so many irresistible... Read More

Give ‘Em The Boot!


Leather, zipper ornamentation, lacing, and a cute fold-over look on a boot is a tough find at a great price, never mind under $100. So you can imagine our eyes bugging out of our heads when ThePLEAT discovered that this sexy AND bad-ass boot was not just a little under $100, but A LOT under $100 at just 40 bucks!  (That’s enough dough leftover for next week’s DEALicious, wink... Read More

Satchel Savings


Lady-like bags are all the rage this season. But if you’re like us (and the remaining 99.997% of the population!), you can’t afford Louis Vuitton’s reinterpreted Speedy bag. No worries. This luxe-looking satchel by Deena & Ozzy is a close runner-up. Vintage-inspired, this reptile-patterned, faux-leather hand bag is the perfect size for city gals. It’s big enough... Read More