Obsessed: Alexis Bittar Liquid Gold Druisy Ring


We have totally embraced the minimalist trend. There is a simple formula that predicates going to work in the morning—wake, shower, and dress, which usually entails a black slender-cut bottom and a gray slouchy top… and repeat. And while our garments have taken a back seat in precedence, we definitely find the time to wear a “good” accessory. So naturally (while we rarely... Read More

Obsessed: Beaded A+O Dress


This past month we hit up the Alice & Olivia Spring 2012 preview and fell in love with everything, from a soft pink leather bustier to a multicolor snakeskin wedge. However, we decided that we had to share our favorite piece with you early! This gold beaded dress may weigh more than your hipster boyfriend, but it’s a golden-age-cinema-lover’s dream! You can just... Read More

Obsessed: Bowtie Necklace


Who doesn’t need a bowtie for the upcoming holidays? No, they aren’t just for men. We’ve fallen for Shop Histoire’s chic bow necklace. Made in Kenya from recycled Ankole cow horn and recycled brass is a diamond in the rough. Each necklace is one of a kind because of its natural make-up. Bow down to the shopper in you and tie together that holiday look with... Read More

Obsessed: Urban Renewal Eternity Scarf


Um, when did it become Winter? Was it not 65 degrees last week? Yes, I know it seems we have this conversation every year so one would think I would be used to it but alas here it is again. The silver lining to the brisk winds and chapped lips is the opportunity to start piling on those cozy accessories. The Urban Renewal Scarf is the perfect addition to any outfit. Indoors or... Read More

Obsessed: Steffie Christiaens Jacket


Color is not really very rampant in my wardrobe. But when a gorgeous stunner like this Steffie Christiaens Jacket comes along I can certainly make an exception. The futuristic single zipper jacket combines a cozy wool fabric in an eye catching electric blue with a flattering body hugging cut, to make the perfect modern, yet ladylike statement for these chilly months ahead. Perfect... Read More

Obsessed: Ash Handbags


We fell for Ash footwear last year and are still obsessed with their signature furry booties. So we thought we’d give you another run for your money, Ash Handbags. No they don’t bare the same price tags of the big boy IT bags that make you reconsider your college budget days. Aka eating 99 cent ramen noodles for two months to afford the object of your affection. But... Read More

Obsessed: Nicholas Kirkwood Lasercut Shoe Bootie


If you hadn’t noticed, summer is dwindling away before our eyes… the sandals will soon be cast away in the crypts of our closets to be replaced with fall favorites of past and maybe a couple newbies. We couldn’t help but add Nicholas Kirkwood’s Lasercut shootie to our must have footwear list for fall. The color navy-black color combo alone is a favorite,... Read More

Obsessed: Y’s Shawl Collar Coat


My fashion sense has always been based around the same thing. Staples. But no matter how hard I try to convince myself that I will just buy this one last trench and I will have it for years I end up buying another next season to add to the collection. Oh well, I have accepted this pattern. Hence my latest obsession. Despite having a similarly styled mid-calf length wool coat the... Read More

Obsessed: Vintage Turbans


We can’t help our fascination with turbans. As our friends at The Style Armory say “the turban is the baseball cap of the fashion elite.” Truthfully, not everyone can pull off the a hat like this, in fact if you are going to give it a go, make sure you are ready to go the distance: try going all out gypsy. Pair this rust colored turban “with a solid colored... Read More

Obsessed: Surface To Air Sweater


I am officially a Surface to Air hoarder! One day you will excavate my limp dead body from below a pile-up of all things S to A. To add to this obsession is the “La Perle” Sweater. It makes me swoon… I’m in love with the beaded detail, the color is perfection and the entire thing reminds me of one my mom used to wear in the mid-eighties. Mind you hers was... Read More