Nostalgia: Hypercolor Shirts


We are mildly obsessed with some of the ingenius fashion items of the 80′s and 90′s. Maybe because it was all candy and roses and everyone was loaded and happy back then. Or because it was just downright weird? Who knows. Who cares. Let’s just mentally frolic back to our hypercolor tees and their heat sensitive evidence markings. If you didn’t own one than... Read More

Nostalgia: Colored Denim


We asked our good friend Jessie Cohen, publicist extraordinaire and fashion afficionado, to tell us what her current throwback obsession is and she had this to say: When I was in 4th grade I had a pair of royal blue denim jeans that I thought were the best thing ever. I was awkward for sure. And yes, I had braces, but those jeans were my salvation. A pop of color in an otherwise... Read More

Nostalgia: The Katherine Hepburn Suit


Chic isn’t restricted to a skirt and pumps. Lets face it we need to thank Mme Hepburn (no not Audrey, but Katherine) for the having a slack sense! The goddess of American Cinema paved the way for all of us women to wear a “traditional men’s attire”, and not without taking some heat from her audience. It is well known fact that her Katherine’s love... Read More

Nostalgia: The Pop Watch


While hoards of us are buzzing about to all the NY fashion week shows, presentations and parties aiming to find the next cool thing and realizing that most are repeats from past innovations, we thought we’d bring you our morning style reflection. If you were a child of the eighties and a teen from the 90′s, then we are pretty sure you were fascinated with many things... Read More

Nostalgia: The Plastic Charm Necklace


Come’on ladies! Don’t deny your history, we know you were as cool as we were. Back when Garbage Pail Kid trading cards kept us giggling and chewing powdery bubble -gum, we were also looking for the next gem to hang off our plastic bell charm necklaces. Don’t pretend like you didn’t scheme and fawn over those plastic rackets and whistles in pop colors, we... Read More

Nostalgia: The Woven Tote


If any of you grew up in the late eighties, early nineties you likely saw your mom carrying one of these babies. Granted she’d need to have been slightly cool. The woven sisal tote was a must have. I remember my own mother tearing through open markets with this bad boy. She would throw it over her shoulders with my brothers and I tugging at her arms for this or that. When... Read More

Aritzia Store Opening


There is nothing more exciting than having your favorite boutiques follow you to new places. As a Canadian transplant, I have long awaited Aritzia’s arrival in Manhattan and today it finally happened. The boutique shopping experience that is Aritzia, makes a customer feel comfortable, zen and excited about trying everything and anything on. If that weren’t enough, there... Read More

Nostalgia: Creepers


I was perusing our good friend Karen Blanchard’s blog, WhereDidUGetThat, and came across these amazing photos of creepers and it made me nostalgic for my teenage years. I used to live in my spotted pony hair creepers. I’d go everywhere in them. Their usual outfit sidekick would be a short black mini skirt, some lace tights and a concert tee, like “The Cure” or something... Read More

Nostalgia: Jansport “Right Pack Original” Backpack


I was destined for dorkhood. In 6th grade I entered junior high with purple glasses (eventually replaced with contacts), overlapping teeth (eventually straightened with braces–btw, thanks Dad), and frizzy hair (eventually smoothed out with Pureology hair serum). I was not allowed to spray (i.e. “pump”) my bangs or wear a Raiders parka and worst of all, I had to rock the... Read More

Nostalgia: Going Manic


Yikes… when I saw the container of Manic Panic it flooded me with memories of 8th grade. A friend and I decided it would be a killer idea to dye our hair. She went for a hot pink shade and I decided I would go black. Luckily, it didn’t do much but darken my already brown hair, but she looked like a bad version of Strawberry Shortcake in a ripped tie-dye t-shirt. Like something... Read More