Pass or Fail? Carey Mulligan


Happy ‘Pass Fail’ Monday readers. We are slow moving this am, and definitely need a second cup of Joe before we revisit the idea of Carey Mulligan’s dress. We had to do a double take. Maybe this dress was inspired by Bastille Day? Was Carey looking to replicate Eugene Delacroix’s iconic French painting of female Liberty? Or was she just showing off her thin,... Read More

Pass or Fail? Courtney Cox


Courtney, as we scan you from top to bottom, we wish we could have stopped at mid-thigh. Everything was looking hot and svelte until we got to the edge of the black mini and realized that a morning Catholic woman’s veil had made its way under your skirt. WTF? Who thought it was a good idea? Maybe if it was added to the hem with similar proportions, rather than a jutting out... Read More

Pass or Fail? Rihanna


Pleater Julie Chen and Desiree Marr both share an unexplained hatred of the color combination black, white and red. They can’t explain it, but it is almost as irksome as when New Yorkers claim they are “going East” when headed to the Hamptons. (Hmmm, East . . . to South Street Seaport? Of Eden? To Brooklyn? Or maybe Croatia? Perhaps the ocean? One word–pretentious).... Read More

Pass or Fail? Eva Mendes


We can’t help it. Take one glance at Eva and immediately the oh-so-romantic, achingly heartfelt ’80′s classic “Lady in Red” starts flooding our mind. Sure the look is theatrical and over-the-top, so umm . . . why are we kinda feeling it? To be honest, the length is a good six inches too long plus it’s really not that flattering on Eva (and is... Read More