Avrielle Fall Accessories


If you find yourself stuck looking for the perfect costume jewelry to wear to an event or if you just like to like to hoard the very best glitz you can find, then look no further. We bring you one of our very favorite online boutiques Avrielle.com. The best part about this jewelry e-tailer is that they give back to a charity of your choice with every purchase. They call it Accessorize... Read More

Pleat Picks: Fall Scarves


After this weekend’s East Coast snow storm (so random), we thought we would bring you a list of Must Have neck warmers to keep you cozy and have a fashionable defense against those cold Winter-like draft’s. 1. Missoni “patterned” wool blend scarf, $389, Mytheresa.com 2. Madewell “Moondance” circle scarf, $55, Madewell.com 3. Mulberry “Square”... Read More

To The Brim


Hat attack! We don’t know about you, but we have always hoarded hats from season to season knowing they would come back into play. This fall, dust off your wide-brims and saddle-up, its time to tip your hat and make like Victoria Beckham. Besides, its the perfect answer to a bad hair day. 1. Madewell “Fulton” felt hat, $45, Madewell.com 2. Ann Taylor “Wide... Read More

Pleat Picks: 10 Fall Coats


With the daylight hours dwindling and the weather climate shifting, it may be time to rummage through your hidden Fall wardrobe to pull out some necessities. And also start thinking about what new purchase is going to keep the heat in your body. Coat weather is officially here. We’ve taken note of our favorites and have a checklist of what our purchases would be if money... Read More

Loeffler Randall Rain Boots Make Getting Wet Cute


Here in New York it seems like rain is now part of the daily weather report. Between getting used to this and the abrupt cold Fall temperatures we haven’t quite caught up on being prepared with the right outfit every morning. We were wearing vintage sundresses like two weeks ago. Loeffler Randall has made things easy with it’s Fall line of effortlessly chic rain boots.... Read More

Pleat Picks: September 2011


Ladies, get ready to be swooning over our picks of the month. Is there really anything more fun than putting together a wishlist for the season ahead? Who doesn’t want to put together all their style desires and feel completely satiated as soon as you can check the items off? We don’t know about you, but even a little window shopping always helps to inspire us. So we... Read More

Pleat Picks: Top 10 Fall Jeans


With the wind and rain that has swept over the East coast these past few weeks, we have started to rekindle our love for a good pair of jeans. Honestly, is there a better way to get yourself excited for fall? (Ok, maybe shoes) Still, it’s likely we will wear our jeans more than once a week if not all week hence our desire to capture our favorites of the season. We don’t... Read More

Pleat Picks: Weekend Packing


We woke up feeling nostalgic for those first bountiful weekends of summer. The first burn and lick of ice cream. The spray from the boat ride to fire Island. Summer nights with a new crush and all the cute outfits we break out for the season. Then we realized that this coming Labor Day is our last hoorah for a summer weekend away. That said, we thought a packing checklist was in... Read More

Get A Grip!


If you haven’t noticed, it’s the era of downsizing. Now is the time to replace that oversized slouchy bag with a tight looking clutch. Have a hoarding tendency of too much crap in your handbag? The day clutch is the perfect solution (and bonus, will help avoid back pain). Clean house with a simple handheld bag and walk with just the necessities. Here are our picks for... Read More

Oh Mexico


As Summer winds down and warm nights and cozy humidity (not the strangling kind) wanes, we can’t help but long for those refreshing plunges into the depths of turquoise and coral. Jewelry that is. Inspired from our recent Cancun, Mexico vacation, we’re determined to make summer’s shades of Caribbean cool last long into our fall and winter wardrobes. Some super chic ways... Read More