Obsessed: Urban Renewal Eternity Scarf


Um, when did it become Winter? Was it not 65 degrees last week? Yes, I know it seems we have this conversation every year so one would think I would be used to it but alas here it is again. The silver lining to the brisk winds and chapped lips is the opportunity to start piling on those cozy accessories. The Urban Renewal Scarf is the perfect addition to any outfit. Indoors or... Read More

Obsessed: Steffie Christiaens Jacket


Color is not really very rampant in my wardrobe. But when a gorgeous stunner like this Steffie Christiaens Jacket comes along I can certainly make an exception. The futuristic single zipper jacket combines a cozy wool fabric in an eye catching electric blue with a flattering body hugging cut, to make the perfect modern, yet ladylike statement for these chilly months ahead. Perfect... Read More

Obsessed: Y’s Shawl Collar Coat


My fashion sense has always been based around the same thing. Staples. But no matter how hard I try to convince myself that I will just buy this one last trench and I will have it for years I end up buying another next season to add to the collection. Oh well, I have accepted this pattern. Hence my latest obsession. Despite having a similarly styled mid-calf length wool coat the... Read More

Obsessed: Equipment Earl Romper


I stumbled upon the Equipment Romper and fell in love immediately. The silk one piece kills with contrasting black and tan neutrals and the tailored trim gives the look a casually elegant feel. Add a blazer and it becomes a completed work look. I am in love. -Tiffanie Graham Equipment, Earl Romper, $278, Shopbop  Read More

Obsessed: Rick Owens Drkshdw Twist Knot Dress


Summer is here. I am officially faced with the lack of outfits in my closet that are appropriate for scalding hot weather. The change from rain showers to sweat showers was so abrupt this year that I had zero time to properly prepare. Looking chic and fresh in the NYC heat can be quite a challenge. Luckily Rick Owens comes to the rescue with the Twist Knot dress. The 100% cotton... Read More

Obsessed: Octagonal Sunglasses by Charles Anastase for Linda Farrow


Donning sunglasses has always been the easiest way for me to make walking around on Saturdays in New York wearing “Cons” and skinny jeans look at least a little sophisticated. My clothes tend to be all about staples, so the real fun for me begins with the accessories. And now that spring has given me the perfect excuse to buy some new shades, I am thoroughly obsessed... Read More

Obsessed: Shoe Wish List


I am in spring-clean mode these days. It’s early I know, but it’s ridiculously cold outside and I’m a bit housebound. So I decided to pack up all the soles I’m not getting enough wear out of, in preparation for an eBay selling spree. Next I decided to pack up the ones I’ve been getting too much wear out of and as a result, are now ruined from pounding the NYC pavement. Next... Read More

Oak Square Collar Layered Overcoat


I am always looking for classic staples with a twist. Since I tend to wear black most of the time, cut and texture become important factors in the pieces I buy. Also high on my priority list is comfort. In the winter you want nothing more then to feel warm and cozy, and eat hot pasta all the time. I love fashion, yes, but I was never the type of girl to make her way through snow-covered... Read More

Obsessed: Aoi Kotsuhiroi Ring


Long black feathers and smooth dark beaks. Midnight black crows cover every surface and all is quiet. Quiet and dark. No, not Hitchcock. Marc Jacobs’s store in NYC’s West Village. This year’s Halloween window display featured a blanket of the sinister birds covering the entire front of the store. A few even strayed covetously outside the window box and into the... Read More