Tried & Tested: Spanx Leggings


Leggings have become a staple for me and pretty much everyone. I was hesitant at first, feeling like I was in pajamas and it was wrong somehow. But I have grown to love this ubiquitous wardrobe staple. I did however, feel that their one flaw was that they are not the easiest to pull off for those of us that have imperfect lower bodies. A.k.a. the majority of women. Granted this... Read More

Tried & Tested: Lash Dip (Mascara that lasts for 5 wks?!)


There are “Beauty Breakthroughs” and then there are Beauty Breakthroughs. LashDip is the latter. It’s a legit, semi-permanent mascara that is more gentle, blacker, and life-changing than any other mascara on the market. The expertly-applied mascara stays on your lashes without one single harmful effect and makes your lashes look naturally longer, thicker and darker.... Read More

Tried and Tested: Not Your Daughter’s Jeans – Chinos!


<a href=””>Follow my blog with bloglovin</a> If you’re like a certain Pleat staffer named Julie (hiiiiii!!!!), you ain’t getting any younger, and you too are tired of waistlines getting any lower. I recently found myself on a non-ironic hunt for “mom jeans”, as in... Read More

Tried & Tested: The iPant


Er, okay, so when I first heard of this iPant contraption, I literally thought it was some sort of pant that you plugged some headphones into for groovy tunes. And yes, I was wrong. (Though I kind of like the idea of musical pants.) The iPant from intimate apparel brand Wacoal is actually a piece of shapewear that looks like a pair of nude bike shorts. You’re probably thinking... Read More

Tried & Tested: Strapless Underwear?


I’ll try anything once. Bridge jumping, eating freeze dried ants, swimming in the ocean during a New York winter – sure!  So when a friend of mine told me about strapless underwear, I said I would try it.  Your know, for the sake of FASHION. How could underwear not have straps? I really couldn’t get around this concept until the real deal came in the mail from Shibue... Read More

Tried & Tested: NuBra


My gorgeous sister is getting married in Mexico in a few months, and it turns out that supporting the bosoms in a discreet, yet aesthetically pleasing way, is a big deal when it comes to the big day. Since I am one of those tacky creatures who always has black bra straps showing–specifically, Calvin Klein’s “Perfectly Fit” lace push-up bra (in case you were wondering)–this... Read More

Tried & Tested: Shake Weight


We couldn’t help ourselves from giving into the odd phenomenon of the Shake Weight. Between its poised commercials (cough here), the SNL skits and South Park’s parody of the infomercial, we figured we’d give it a try. Our good friends at Amazon Health & Personal Care Store were kind enough to send us the odd-looking dumbbell, and we put it to the test. After 10 minutes... Read More