WTF Wednesday: In Your Eyes (Eye Jewelry?)


After a long week, we settled down in search of yet another random invention that would make us wonder why we humans are driven to the inane. Just in case you thought we couldn’t find anything more bizarre than last weeks WTF post, we bring you the ultimate eye accessory in all its absurd glory, The Tear-Eye jewelry. Forget colored lens, or the ones that made you look like... Read More

WTF: Hair Earmuffs?


We’ve often fallen victim to the “hairy eyeball,” but the hairy ear? WTF? A good friend (not Chewbacca) directed us to yet another odd fashion item. We thought the earmuff tended to be ridiculous. Then we were introduced to the hair earmuff. (We were thinking “Weavemuff” would have been more appropriate really.) This goes beyond our imagination, and we want... Read More

WTF Wednesday: Your Very Own Karl Lagerfeld


If you are obsessed with the Kaiser—the fashion Kaiser that is—then you will drool at the latest, weirdest incarnation of Karl. The once-upon-a-time bloated fan-waving king of Chanel and the rest of the fashion world is clearly looking to swirl his slender self all over the place, and this year you can treat yourself to your very own Karl globe, complete with faux snow and... Read More

WTF Wednesday: Tattooed Tights


Tattoo you? WTF people, we are normally big fans of Rodarte and Opening Ceremony, but these ink inspired hose are as ridiculous as buying a fake tat sleeve (yes you can do that too.) We aren’t saying that being a tattoo whore isn’t a dope pastime. What we are saying is that, if you are going for it then go all the way. Maybe not to the lowly extremes of Kat Von D. but... Read More

WTF Wednesday: Denim Sweat Pants


Just when you thought the jegging would die a quick death, we found the evolution of the sweatpant jean in the plethora of Skymall oddities. Yes ladies, you can now get a pair of leans to turn on that man in your life.  What are leans you ask? Why they are the new lounge pant jeans. Pronouncing all three words made us hungry for a new colloquialism. These babies try to have the... Read More

WTF: Belt Watch Combo


We’ve lost track of time and woke up after a long fashion week thinking wow, it’s Thursday? So when we came across this number how could we resist telling you about it for a little end of the week fun. Just to be fair, we would like to applaud the craftsmanship of the belt, totally on cue with our love of durable leather with a raw feel. And then our eyes moved on to... Read More

WTF Wednesday: Luxury Condoms


We aren’t really sure what to say about this, except to say that the french have found yet another way to distinguish themselves. No, they aren’t claiming to be larger in size or shape. Rather, they esteem to have been the creators of “The Original Condom,” from none other than the region of Condom, France. Just in case you have no idea where Condom is,... Read More

WTF Wednesday: Necklace Secure Strips


Ever since we’ve begun looking for the odd and ridiculous “style” items we’ve started to wonder whether there is a community of precious people that are really just taking the piss out of us. Take these Necklace Secure Strips for example. Why would anyone feel so compelled to purchase such an item, when let’s face it, simple tape would suffice (although... Read More

WTF Wednesday: Flatulence Filtering Underwear


WTF… Just when you thought the market was already inundated with everything there is to possibly think of, our friend stumbled upon this nugget. Sure, we’ve all had the discomfort of gas. Probably have been guilty of tightening our buttocks in an effort to not be caught in an embarrassing situation, making an urgent quick walk to the toilette. Well now, that urgency... Read More

WTF Wednesday: Her Eyes, They Shine Like Diamonds


When the Beatles wrote Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, and refered to the “girl with kaleidoscope eyes” they weren’t seriously envisioning this. We thought that eye jewelry was odd enough, but now you can purchase diamond contact lenses. Have we lost all sense of what is important, or is this some kind of witchcraft tool (no offense to any wiccans out there). But... Read More