Fashion Content Director, Co-Founder: Samara D’Auria

Creative Director, Co-Founder: Tiffanie Graham


Contributing Fashion and Beauty Editor: Kimmy Ratican

Graphic Design: Dermot Hall

Intern: Ania Alessandra Kuroczko


Julie Chen
Samara D’Auria
Tiffanie Graham
Desiree Marr

Fashion Content Director, Co-Founder
: Samara D’Auria
Unlike most little girls, Samara never played with dolls while growing up. Instead, clad in one of the many outfits her father created for her, she was far more likely to be found stealing and racing her brothers’ toy cars.
As a teenager (not having quite outgrown toy car theft), Samara’s spare time was spent designing dresses, creating inspiration boards and reading. Already, the words on the pages from her favorite books inflamed her with the desire to tell stories of her own, but with clothing instead of ink.
Her father, who was in the “rag trade” himself, tried to dissuade her from following his example, but after finishing her degree, Samara traveled to New York.
Eventually she landed a job at Elle Girl, rising up from assistant to fashion editor. After the print edition folded, she freelanced as a trend consultant and fashion editor for Billabong, Spin, People Style Watch, Glamour and MTV, before landing a Senior Fashion Editor position at Life & Style Weekly.
These days, she can often be found styling a shoot, while peppering the air with jokes told in inappropriate accents.

Photo & Art Director, Co-Founder
: Tiffanie Graham
Tiffanie’s first exposure to the publishing world was an internship in Harpers Bazaar Photo Department. Ever since then her love affair with fashion photography has been all consuming. From street style images to highly produced couture shoots Tiffanie adores all forms of the ever changing style image.
During her time as Senior Photo Editor at Life & Style Weekly, Tiffanie was responsible for cover photo shoot production and art direction. Visualizing fashion and lifestyle trends was the daily order.
Currently her latest obsession is street style photography. Being inspired by the girl who isn’t living in New York with easy access to great fashion, but the girl in a small town creatively having fun playing dress up.