In Brief

Just in case you have a tendency to steal your dad’s, boyfriend’s or husband’s old briefcases, we thought we’d let you in on a little secret… try a satchel. These fold-over bags will not only house all the cosmetics a girl needs for a day at the office, but they look well manicured, while maintaining a professional yet cool-chic look. We have our eyes on the on the ASOS perforated bag! 1. Melie Bianco, $98.00, 2. Burgundy Piped Detail Satchel, $100.00,... Read More

Never-Fail Classics

There are some things some of us can’t live without. Our Fashion Director Desiree, for instance, always has a section of her closet devoted to anything sparkly or shiny. Our other Fashion Director, Samara, has a stash of body-con dresses that always get a ton of play. While such pieces may be be classics for some, there are certain items that will always be classics for everyone. The trench is a tireless example of a 3-season coat that never loses its power of polish. A great,... Read More

Blogger Style: The Blonde Salad

We wish we could access The Blonde Salad’s Google Analytics page. The fashion diary of Chiara Ferrangi gets 60,000 visitors a day! But we want to know who’s looking at her, guys or gals? How much traffic is driven because she’s down-right hot, and how much because of her youthful mix(ed) “salad” of American preppy, ladylike, and bad-ass rocker style? Or maybe it’s because she’s gone whole-hog with every aspect of social media and blogging. You can find her on Twitter,... Read More

E-tailer We Love: Asos

We have a confession to make. We’ve been buying goodies from UK-based fashion site for aaages, but were too selfish to let the world in on our best kept secret. (It’s like that cozy byo restaurant you refuse to tell anyone about, in fear of suddenly being unable to score a reservation.) Asos is affordable, ridiculously trendy, and their selection is mind-boggling. But because product shipped from across the pond, very few U.S. consumers knew about it, or were weary... Read More


We’d like to welcome you back from the weekend with our wham-bam-thank-you-PLEAT, Holiday Dressing Mini-Guide. We’re sure you already have enough items on the old “To Do” list, so we’ve spared you the added grief of figuring out what to wear. Now you only have to worry about the inevitable troika that is Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Thanksgiving: Err on the side of demure, but not dorky, when dealing with the family, especially if it’s someone else’s. Then... Read More