The Mini

Isn’t everything mini just soo much cuter? OK maybe not everything (wink wink)! But for the love of our bodies we are absolutely psyched on the notion of downsizing our shoulder loads to just the bare necessities. Studies show that women that carry their lives in their purse, also carry a sloped shoulder full of aches. If you don’t want to take our advice, take it from the Alexander McQueen (may he rest with the style gods), Alexander Wang and the rest of the fashion... Read More

Pleat Picks: January 2011

What we’re loving right now isn’t just about the dawn of a new month . . . it’s the dawn of a new year. In the midst of high winter, we’re still in love with all that’s cozy and cute. These No. 6 clog booties give us a reason (sort of) to appreciate the cold weather. Or brighten up a blah black wardrobe with this colorful and cuddly plaid jacket from J.Crew. If you’re lucky enough to have planned a sunshine-y escape from Old Man Winter, dip your toe into the... Read More

DEAL-icious Special! Last Minute Gifts Under $100

Sometimes even the most organized of us get a little behind on things, like. . . holiday shopping!  We know you’re a busy gal, so if you didn’t take heed to our Gift Guide Mini-Series a few weeks ago, here’s your second chance.  And a DEAL-icious chance, too! A 35mm film (yes, film) camera, super-soft baby rompers, preppy stationary in a swish lucite box, we have the youngest to the snobbiest on your list covered. These gifts all pack a ton of style and fun for under... Read More


The ‘rents. They’re the people who push your buttons because they installed them, who knew you when you were chubby, had bad hair, braces and zits. (2009 was a rough year, right?) So why is it so hard to shop for the people who know you best? We’re here to intervene with any over-thinking, and came up with some options sure to please all sorts of parents. For the earthy mom, we love the Crate and Barrel green glass dessert plate or Michael Aram twiggy candlesticks.... Read More

Black Friday (The Semi-Selfish Version)

Welcome today, the now infamous Black Friday.  A day that’s almost grown to be a holiday in its own right.  A day when shoppers are up at 3 AM, and have caused life-threatening stampedes by 5AM. All in the name of deep discounts and door busters galore. We know this day of frenzied consumption is supposed to be about shopping for other people, but with so many irresistible deals out there, why not pick up a little something for yourself? If you are of a more selfless... Read More

Head of the Class

Even if you never went to a uniformed private school, there’s still a naughty allure to the school-girl look. Countless songs, books, and Jerry Springer episodes have been devoted to the strangely lust-inducing appeal of gals clad in classic school uniform staples like the plaid kilt or argyle sweater. Secure your spot at the popular lunch table by sticking with knee-baring hemlines, snug fits and heels as high as you can stand in. Whether you’re in or out of the classroom,... Read More