Obsessed: Ash Handbags

We fell for Ash footwear last year and are still obsessed with their signature furry booties. So we thought we’d give you another run for your money, Ash Handbags. No they don’t bare the same price tags of the big boy IT bags that make you reconsider your college budget days. Aka eating 99 cent ramen noodles for two months to afford the object of your affection. But they do look and feel like them. We have fallen in love with the textured line, especially the black... Read More

Get A Grip!

If you haven’t noticed, it’s the era of downsizing. Now is the time to replace that oversized slouchy bag with a tight looking clutch. Have a hoarding tendency of too much crap in your handbag? The day clutch is the perfect solution (and bonus, will help avoid back pain). Clean house with a simple handheld bag and walk with just the necessities. Here are our picks for this coming fall. Our favorite, the pony hair McQueen clutch, will get you from the office straight... Read More

Nostalgia: Jansport “Right Pack Original” Backpack

I was destined for dorkhood. In 6th grade I entered junior high with purple glasses (eventually replaced with contacts), overlapping teeth (eventually straightened with braces–btw, thanks Dad), and frizzy hair (eventually smoothed out with Pureology hair serum). I was not allowed to spray (i.e. “pump”) my bangs or wear a Raiders parka and worst of all, I had to rock the dreaded backpack! Where all the cool kids got to carry some cool messenger bag, or heck, no book... Read More

Pleat Picks: Pack It In!

Packing is one of our biggest pet-peeves . . . you never know if you brought too much or too little, or whether or not you brought what you need. Forget about all that–to make this summer’s process less stressful why don’t we all invest in a better-looking weekender for this upcoming Memorial Day? Hey, even if you have no plans, there is something to be said for being packed and ready to go. 1. Adidas by Stella MacCartney “Tennis” bag, $225, Zappos.com... Read More

In Brief

Just in case you have a tendency to steal your dad’s, boyfriend’s or husband’s old briefcases, we thought we’d let you in on a little secret… try a satchel. These fold-over bags will not only house all the cosmetics a girl needs for a day at the office, but they look well manicured, while maintaining a professional yet cool-chic look. We have our eyes on the on the ASOS perforated bag! 1. Melie Bianco, $98.00, lorisshoes.com 2. Burgundy Piped Detail Satchel, $100.00,... Read More

Bag Matters

Let’s face it ladies, looking great is rarely about comfort. Pretty can sometimes be painful. We know you’ve seen it… all those ladies that traipse through the streets in gorgeous architectural heels looking like bound feet geisha’s because really, who could walk in those leaning towers? So you will be running around, from show, to presentation, to show, to party, and while we would traditionally say, carry nothing, we figured we would help you out. With that in mind,... Read More

Blogger Style: The Blonde Salad

We wish we could access The Blonde Salad’s Google Analytics page. The fashion diary of Chiara Ferrangi gets 60,000 visitors a day! But we want to know who’s looking at her, guys or gals? How much traffic is driven because she’s down-right hot, and how much because of her youthful mix(ed) “salad” of American preppy, ladylike, and bad-ass rocker style? Or maybe it’s because she’s gone whole-hog with every aspect of social media and blogging. You can find her on Twitter,... Read More

What to Toss, What to Keep

One glance at your cable guide and it’s obvious that hoarders are all the rage. But you, Dear Reader, are better then that. You are a finely tuned, carefully-edited, early fashion adopter. You know that tough decisions have to be made and you aren’t afraid to make them. So get ready to toss (or at least store) last year’s favorites and usher in 2011 with these great finds. The lady-like rage carries into spring as slouchy bags go structured, and round-toe heels... Read More

SANG A: The Natural Progression

Sang A’s beginnings are steeped in a brew of performance. By 26 she’d become a celebrity in her native South Korea, and meanwhile, her passion drew her to designing. Behind the scenes of her own music videos and photo shoots, she’d often style them herself beginning to establish herself as a style-setter within the boundaries of her home and beyond. Trips to Europe and New York City, that sense of style would transform into a brand, an Education from Parsons... Read More


We’d like to welcome you back from the weekend with our wham-bam-thank-you-PLEAT, Holiday Dressing Mini-Guide. We’re sure you already have enough items on the old “To Do” list, so we’ve spared you the added grief of figuring out what to wear. Now you only have to worry about the inevitable troika that is Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Thanksgiving: Err on the side of demure, but not dorky, when dealing with the family, especially if it’s someone else’s. Then... Read More