Obsessed: Nicholas Kirkwood Lasercut Shoe Bootie

If you hadn’t noticed, summer is dwindling away before our eyes… the sandals will soon be cast away in the crypts of our closets to be replaced with fall favorites of past and maybe a couple newbies. We couldn’t help but add Nicholas Kirkwood’s Lasercut shootie to our must have footwear list for fall. The color navy-black color combo alone is a favorite, but we figured we’d let you be the judge. Nicholas Kirkwood “Lasercut Shoe Bootie”,... Read More

Obsessed: Palladium Baggy Lite Boot

I’ve been out of college for a scary long amount of time, and obviously I’m also a working gal, because duh, I wrote what you’re reading, instead of going for a swim and massage at the country club. Believe it or not, I get dressed for appointments, meetings and hours spent sitting in front of my computer. I wear silk button down blouses, gold jewelry, and strappy high heeled shoes. Um, I probably sound kind of lame and tame right? (They didn’t nickname me Angela Bauer... Read More

Blogger Style: Angy’s Tea Room

We found Angelika Ardesheva’s blog, Angy’s Tea Room, by way of a Sartorialist post a few weeks back. You know, the one that generated over 1700 reader comments? If you happened to miss this post, here’s what Mr. Sart wrote that caused such a freak out: “I saw this young lady in Milan several times this past season. She is one of the crop of new bloggers. I loved that she’s a bigger, curvier girl than most of the other bloggers who you see in the press and... Read More

Pleat Shopper: 21 Transitional Boots

1. Seychelles “Thriller” boot, $89.99 (sale), Piperlime.com 2. ASOS “Ava” suede lace up wedge boot, $112.06 (sale), Asos.com 3. Belle by Sigerson Morrison suede ankle boots, $245 (sale), Stylebop.com 4. Chloe Sevigny for OC “Mary Ellen” lace-up platform, $475, LaGarconne.com 5. KORS Michael Kors “Vena” wedge bootie, $475, MichaelKors.com 6. Proenza Schouler cutout belted bootie, $298.50 (sale), KirnaZabette.com 7. Luxury Rebel... Read More

Walking Tall

No we aren’t channeling Bridget Nielsen from Red Sonja, or Pocahontas. This isn’t a nod to Scandinavian or Norse myth. It’s just winter, and we just thought we’d take a look at the best options in boots. After last weeks disabling Nor’easter, we Pleaters figured we would put together a list of some seriously warm and wearable boots that could get you through a couple feet of snow without forfeiting your desire to look cute while slogging along. We are veering towards... Read More

Obsessed: Muks Wedge Boot

If you have ever lived anywhere cold then you would appreciate my obsession today. I may have a penchant for slightly hippie accessories but to be fair these puppies keep your feet toasty without looking like one of those starlets in her Fuggs* running around Hollywood in 70 degree weather. Muks, or as my mom used to call them, Mukluks were originally worn while hunting in the snow by the Canadian Aboriginals. But in our house we wore them as slippers to keep our little toesies... Read More

Designer Exclusives

Exclusive. Exclusivity. Exclusiveness. Being New Yorkers, we PLEATers have a love/hate relationship with the concept of exclusivity. Unmarked doors, unlisted phone numbers, velvet ropes, and closed guest lists are about as rare as a cabbie telling you his meter is broken. In fact, it’s probably easier (and less likely to cause bodily injury!) to sneak into the mayor’s office than past the scary clipboard “hostess” at Le Bain. And being in fashion, god forbid you... Read More

Yo, Angela!

Once a week in the mid-80’s, female viewers tuned in to gawk at a hunky male housekeeper on the popular sitcom Who’s The Boss? Decades later, it’s obvious that the real eye candy wasn’t Tony Micelli, but Angela Bower’s wardrobe. Looking back, Jonathan’s mom wasn’t only climbing the corporate ladder but also rising through the fashion ranks. With a power hungry wardrobe of slouchy suede boots, silky blouses and tailored pants fit for Boss-ing around the boardroom... Read More