Loub’s for Barbie?

It’s here. Mattel has released the Barbie Collector Christian Louboutin Shoe Pack. The pack comes with 10 pairs of mini Loub’s, complete with lipstick red colored soles. The collectors edition goes for the low price of $70, so if you are as broke as the majority of us in the current economy you can try your damnedest to squeeze a finger into these. Or ask the white rabbit for a shrink pill. Meantime, you can play barbie dress-up with your friend’s kids.  Read More

Never-Fail Classics

There are some things some of us can’t live without. Our Fashion Director Desiree, for instance, always has a section of her closet devoted to anything sparkly or shiny. Our other Fashion Director, Samara, has a stash of body-con dresses that always get a ton of play. While such pieces may be be classics for some, there are certain items that will always be classics for everyone. The trench is a tireless example of a 3-season coat that never loses its power of polish. A great,... Read More