Pleat Picks: 10 Fall Coats

With the daylight hours dwindling and the weather climate shifting, it may be time to rummage through your hidden Fall wardrobe to pull out some necessities. And also start thinking about what new purchase is going to keep the heat in your body. Coat weather is officially here. We’ve taken note of our favorites and have a checklist of what our purchases would be if money were no object. Why not try some color this winter with J.Crew’s “Perfect Coat” or... Read More

Obsessed: Y’s Shawl Collar Coat

My fashion sense has always been based around the same thing. Staples. But no matter how hard I try to convince myself that I will just buy this one last trench and I will have it for years I end up buying another next season to add to the collection. Oh well, I have accepted this pattern. Hence my latest obsession. Despite having a similarly styled mid-calf length wool coat the Shawl Collar Coat by Y’s Yohji Yamamoto is calling me. The long twill masterpiece has a foldover... Read More

Oak Square Collar Layered Overcoat

I am always looking for classic staples with a twist. Since I tend to wear black most of the time, cut and texture become important factors in the pieces I buy. Also high on my priority list is comfort. In the winter you want nothing more then to feel warm and cozy, and eat hot pasta all the time. I love fashion, yes, but I was never the type of girl to make her way through snow-covered sidewalks in NYC wearing high-heels (ok, maybe I was in college). Lucky for me, Oak NYC’s... Read More

Fashion Zen’s Top 5 Fall Picks

She’s young, thin, gorgeous and Dutch (always a plus in ThePLEAT’s book) but above all, ridiculously stylish. You want to hate her, or better yet be her. Just forget it. Both are impossible. Meet Iris Gravemaker, blogger of cult favorite, Fashion Zen. Unlike other style bloggers, this 27-year-old fashion student focuses not only on inspiration and runway reporting, but also showcases her own personal style throughout the week. We were so impressed with Iris’ playfully sophisticate... Read More

PLEAT Picks: Coat Calling

Buying a fall coat is a lot like filing your taxes. It’s time consuming, potentially costly, and you put it off for as long as possible (at least until the IRS, or Old Man Winter, comes knocking). But, deep down, you know it’s inevitable. In an attempt to lessen this dreaded ordeal for you, we at ThePleat have compiled a few choice selections. No need to buy a safe and classic (yawn) black wool, navy double-breasted, or camel something-or-other this season. Fun, unexpected... Read More

Leather Evolution

Originally considered the go-to garb for biker gangs, punk rockers and similar misfits, today’s leather is practically as user-friendly as cotton. Although leather motorcycle jackets are a familiar sight each fall, this season’s leather takes an unexpected turn as designers experiment with different styles and techniques as Diane von Furstenberg did with this romantic, cut-out empire dress. From cuff bracelets to quilted vests, perforations to pleats, luxe lamb to phony faux-leather... Read More

Yo, Angela!

Once a week in the mid-80’s, female viewers tuned in to gawk at a hunky male housekeeper on the popular sitcom Who’s The Boss? Decades later, it’s obvious that the real eye candy wasn’t Tony Micelli, but Angela Bower’s wardrobe. Looking back, Jonathan’s mom wasn’t only climbing the corporate ladder but also rising through the fashion ranks. With a power hungry wardrobe of slouchy suede boots, silky blouses and tailored pants fit for Boss-ing around the boardroom... Read More