Trend: Waterworks

‘Tis the season to get wet! Get your neoprene on and catch a wave. In case you ladies are thinking of getting on a board to try to catch a wave, we put together a couple things you may want to take with you. A great summer wetsuit, some shades and a soft board, so that if you take too many tumbles your body won’t hate you. All this and a waterproof camera to keep track of just how ‘amateur’ you are. 1.Degree 33 “7’6 EpoxiSoft” Funboard... Read More

Designer Cynthia Rowley and Artist Olef Breuning Create Wearable Art!

Cynthia Rowley is serious about her art, and not in the “flip through an Art Now! Vol. 3 Taschen book, mention it at cocktail parties” seriously, either. Rowley, an avid art collector who performs charity work within the arts (and married a gallery co-owner for good measure), took her passion one step further last weekend when she created a temporary installation for MOVE! at the MoMA alongside artist Olaf Breunin. The event included installations and performances by fourteen... Read More