Obsessed: Beaded A+O Dress

This past month we hit up the Alice & Olivia Spring 2012 preview and fell in love with everything, from a soft pink leather bustier to a multicolor snakeskin wedge. However, we decided that we had to share our favorite piece with you early! This gold beaded dress may weigh more than your hipster boyfriend, but it’s a golden-age-cinema-lover’s dream! You can just see Lauren Bacall prancing around in this number. And I can’t think of a place I wouldn’t... Read More

Take it to Max(i)!

In case your legs haven’t seen the sight of a razor for daaays (it happens!), don’t fret. Maxi dresses aren’t only stubble-friendly, but are ridiculously comfortable and cuter than ever! This season’s hottest dress trend will keep you looking (and feeling) cool. From floral prints to animal prints to solids, the choices truly are endless. The key is to pick a maxi dress without the addition of bulky material in an area you want to downplay, such as the... Read More

Girl Crush: Leighton Meester

You know how some actors score a great part on TV, but then the character they play seems to have them played in real life? Like SATC’s Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda? Or Screech from Saved by The Bell? Apparently this isn’t happening to Blair Waldorf–oh, I mean Leighton Meester–or at least she’s trying not to let this happen. We’ve recently spotted her on various red carpets looking very much herself, and she’s got quite a nice little style repertoire... Read More

What to Toss, What to Keep

One glance at your cable guide and it’s obvious that hoarders are all the rage. But you, Dear Reader, are better then that. You are a finely tuned, carefully-edited, early fashion adopter. You know that tough decisions have to be made and you aren’t afraid to make them. So get ready to toss (or at least store) last year’s favorites and usher in 2011 with these great finds. The lady-like rage carries into spring as slouchy bags go structured, and round-toe heels... Read More


The concept of “no white after Labor Day” is just about as modern as a rotary phone. These days, white abounds as a versatile color choice for all seasons, not just ones punctuated with tanning and umbrella drinks! But this year’s bumper crop of choices aren’t all wintery-white, snow-bunny cuteness, though that’s out there, too. Check out the fuzzy alpaca jacket from 3.1 Phillip Lim and the fun-fur hat from the Gap. Covet the luxurious, simple, soigne white that screams... Read More


We’d like to welcome you back from the weekend with our wham-bam-thank-you-PLEAT, Holiday Dressing Mini-Guide. We’re sure you already have enough items on the old “To Do” list, so we’ve spared you the added grief of figuring out what to wear. Now you only have to worry about the inevitable troika that is Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Thanksgiving: Err on the side of demure, but not dorky, when dealing with the family, especially if it’s someone else’s. Then... Read More

Disco Demimonde

Being a fashion editor is a lovely, rewarding job, but one thing that kills us is something we call “Season Envy.” For example: When it’s suddenly dark at 6pm, and our bodies are buried under layers of wool, we long to run free in bright, flouncy dresses. This is when Season Envy rears its ugly head, when we get to see spring fashions at the beginning of winter. But we still have a job to do, so… There’s definitely a sexy, louche, disco vibe going on for... Read More

Designer Cynthia Rowley and Artist Olef Breuning Create Wearable Art!

Cynthia Rowley is serious about her art, and not in the “flip through an Art Now! Vol. 3 Taschen book, mention it at cocktail parties” seriously, either. Rowley, an avid art collector who performs charity work within the arts (and married a gallery co-owner for good measure), took her passion one step further last weekend when she created a temporary installation for MOVE! at the MoMA alongside artist Olaf Breunin. The event included installations and performances by fourteen... Read More

Designer Exclusives

Exclusive. Exclusivity. Exclusiveness. Being New Yorkers, we PLEATers have a love/hate relationship with the concept of exclusivity. Unmarked doors, unlisted phone numbers, velvet ropes, and closed guest lists are about as rare as a cabbie telling you his meter is broken. In fact, it’s probably easier (and less likely to cause bodily injury!) to sneak into the mayor’s office than past the scary clipboard “hostess” at Le Bain. And being in fashion, god forbid you... Read More

Fashion Zen’s Top 5 Fall Picks

She’s young, thin, gorgeous and Dutch (always a plus in ThePLEAT’s book) but above all, ridiculously stylish. You want to hate her, or better yet be her. Just forget it. Both are impossible. Meet Iris Gravemaker, blogger of cult favorite, Fashion Zen. Unlike other style bloggers, this 27-year-old fashion student focuses not only on inspiration and runway reporting, but also showcases her own personal style throughout the week. We were so impressed with Iris’ playfully sophisticate... Read More