E-Tailer We Love: BaubleBar

Brains, beauty, a knack for accessorizing . . . no we aren’t talking about your trusty Pleat editors, silly, we’re talking about the gals behind BaubleBar, a new site that’s popped up on our radar. Amy Jain and Danielle Yacobvsky, two friends who met in New York as bankers before attending Harvard Business School together, are the two shopping smarties behind this great jewelry site. Amy and Daniella kindly shared their journey with us: “We came up with the basic idea... Read More

Designer Spotlight: Kub Jewelry

Since its summer 2009 debut, we’ve been admiring the steady growth of the Kub Jewelry line, designed by prop stylist Katie Mayer. After talking to Katie, we were almost surprised she didn’t start her jewelry line in the womb. By now, she’s been working in the design field for almost two-thirds of her life. At the young age of 12, while most of us were being hazed at summer camp or doodling hearts in our Trapper-Keepers, Katie was already putting together a... Read More

LuLu Frost

We Pleaters love to spend our days off trekking through flea markets, vintage shops and random outdoor sales to find that one of a kind gem. Jewelry conoisseur and designer Lisa Salzer, is the creative mind behind Lulu Frost. She launched the line while finishing her last year of college back in 2004. An avid antique jewelry collector, she decided to take the pieces and rework them with modern elements to create her own masterpieces. Lisa was lucky enough to stumble upon the... Read More

Endless.com Launches Jewelry Sales

We PLEATers are serious fans of one-stop shopping. Despite hundreds of retailers, from Miu Miu to Mango, just blocks from our Soho headquarters – we mostly blow our rent money online, rather than on location. Why spend hours going from store to store, when you can buy everything you need in one place? The cool people at Endless.com know this, which is why they just added 68 jewelry brands, with over 3500 styles, to their already impressive roster of shoes, bags, and small accessories.... Read More

The Golden Touch

After numerous seasons of clunky, artsy, statement-jewelry, sleek and sculptural pieces have come to relieve our eyes. To say nothing of our necks, earlobes and wrists. While the “made-it-with-my-glue-gun” look isn’t quite behind us, its equally bold, yet more streamlined counterparts are here anyway. They make perfect companion pieces to the pared-down, minimalist look that has been dominating the runways and streets. These pieces’ value is that they’re... Read More

Hoop Star

Sensitive ears rejoice!  We love costume jewelry because its fun, accessible and you can wear it as big and plentiful as you want without bodyguard supervision. But the down side to costume bling for some is the skin irritation that can come from contact with non-precious metal. Sexy, right? Our solution? The 18K plated drop earrings by Melinda Maria.  Very Jackie O in the “O” years. Imagine them paired with a black turtleneck and your hair swept up in a high ponytail.... Read More

Leather Evolution

Originally considered the go-to garb for biker gangs, punk rockers and similar misfits, today’s leather is practically as user-friendly as cotton. Although leather motorcycle jackets are a familiar sight each fall, this season’s leather takes an unexpected turn as designers experiment with different styles and techniques as Diane von Furstenberg did with this romantic, cut-out empire dress. From cuff bracelets to quilted vests, perforations to pleats, luxe lamb to phony faux-leather... Read More