Obsessed: Muks Wedge Boot

If you have ever lived anywhere cold then you would appreciate my obsession today. I may have a penchant for slightly hippie accessories but to be fair these puppies keep your feet toasty without looking like one of those starlets in her Fuggs* running around Hollywood in 70 degree weather. Muks, or as my mom used to call them, Mukluks were originally worn while hunting in the snow by the Canadian Aboriginals. But in our house we wore them as slippers to keep our little toesies... Read More

PLEAT Picks: Coat Calling

Buying a fall coat is a lot like filing your taxes. It’s time consuming, potentially costly, and you put it off for as long as possible (at least until the IRS, or Old Man Winter, comes knocking). But, deep down, you know it’s inevitable. In an attempt to lessen this dreaded ordeal for you, we at ThePleat have compiled a few choice selections. No need to buy a safe and classic (yawn) black wool, navy double-breasted, or camel something-or-other this season. Fun, unexpected... Read More